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Trouble with infinity xf18-55

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Any advice on finding it on this lens?

I have tried a few different things.

1.  I zoom in on a target at distance and then auto focus, switch to manual and keep the dial where the auto focus was at. (is this an okay way of doing it?) Does it matter what apeture I'm doing this at?  Or should I never use the zoom on the lens when trying to focus to infinity?

2. Put it at f2.8 and tried to auto focus on something very far away, then manual focus in that object. Using the view finder to zoom in and help.

3. Keep it at f2.8 and just auto focus, then switch to manual and see where it's at, and keep it there until I go back at night.

All 3 have given me way different answers.  Any advice?


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You could just put the focus on manual and then hit the AFL button while pointing the camera at infinity and use the focus peaking, I have not used the 18-55 but have the 18-135 which I think focuses the same way, only problem I have found is when the camera turns off and you turn it back on the focus you have set is then lost which is annoying.

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A few general comments.


The easiest way to do an "autofocus then leave it" is to switch to AF-M and use Instant AF (AF-S version). That's usually the AF-L button. You may need to check your AF settings and button settings. The details differ depending on the camera you're using. Here's Fuji's web page on that technique: http://www.fujifilm-x.com/af/en/af_guide/point06.html


You should always focus at the focal length you're intending to photograph at. Ordinary camera "zooms" aren't parfocal, which means that their focus changes when you adjust the focal length. Focal length also tends to change with focus. If you absolutely need focus and focal length to be independent, you'll need about $4000 (USD) for the MKX 18-55 cine lens.


Your shooting aperture has no effect on AF in AF-S. It does in AF-C. In AF-S, the camera will automatically select an aperture that it thinks will give it the best AF accuracy.

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