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  1. Well i decided to buy a battery charger for w-126s battery. What charger do you recommend me to buy? In my country, Greece, there ara availiable chargers like DuraPro, Jupio, JJC, Wasabi, NiteCore, Green Cell and of course the Fujifilm Charger which is double+priced than the previous i mentioned. I do agree that the original is the better, but have you ever heard bad things about the other chargers? What charger do you use and how delighted are you about it?
  2. Thank you for your responce and advice. I use a card reader too, but not a battery charger. I am confused at the moment if is necessary to use a charger than the cable for charging the battery. I wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!
  3. Hello there. I have two months my new X-S10 and i need more power when i shoot outdoors. The X-S10 has the NP-W126S battery. Is the Fujicell NP-W126 recommended for X-S10? I'm confused with the "S" that follows the ..126. And one more question. I charge my X-S10's battery on camera with it's USB cable on the wall, like i charge my smartphone. Is it OK to do that or do you recommend to buy a battery charger? Do you believe it is not safe to charge the battery on camera?
  4. Hello there! I don't have any recommendations but is ok to charge the battery on camera with usb wire on the wall?
  5. Hello Andrew. To set video options as you like, you have to turn the main button(Auto, M, S, A, P etc) to VIDEO. Then you set the options you like from menu (Manual focus) and for starting capturing video as the settings you have done, you push the Shutter release button, not the red one. I think that will solve your problem.
  6. Hello there. Sorry for my absence. I'm working a double shift these days. I feel like a stupid beginner, about the raf files. The issue has been resolved. I had not set it from the menu. Sorry for that. I did like a kid, i was enthousiastic from my new camera. I was waiting from 20th June 2021 to get my X-S10. Please forgive me.
  7. Well the RAW IMAGE EXTENSION from Microsoft is already installed to my PC. I can view in windows explorer my SRW files from my samsung camera. But i can't view from my Fujifilm. Any help is wellcomed.
  8. Thank you David. I will try to do that. *Well yes, by "see" i mean view.
  9. Hello there! I am a new buyer on Fujifilm. I own the X-S10 5 days. I shoot compressed and uncompressed stills. I have adjust setting for wired connection and set menu to USB CARD READER. When i open the Fujifilm file on my PC i can see only JPGs and not my RAW FILES. I use a Sandisk SDXC extreme pro 64GB, UHS - 1, U-3, V-30 memory card. (I used a card reader too. I can view only jpgs too. See the foto below). Am i doing something wrong? The camera body is updated to 2.10.
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