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Gimbal Searched for Fujifilm X-H2

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Hello guys,

Im about to buy an Fujifilm X-H2. I just wondered if there's any Gimbals that are compatible? The Ronin Gimbals never show the Fujifilm X-H2. Does anybody have experience or does anybody knows which Gimbals could work? budget ist around 2-400€s or 500 and i get it used :)



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Just wondering if you got anywhere?  I have the DJI RS3 Mini and it works OK, but there are 2 annoying issues:

1) the gimbal record button will sometimes start recording for around 2 seconds only, and then stop. This happens around 25% of the time.

2) manual focus using the gimbal dial is possible, but unusable as the focus will often overshoot the intended focus point - even with the gimal on its lowest sensitivity and smoothness settings.

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I am using a X-H2S with my DJI RS2.  What happens is this.  Select record button.  Record starts for about 2 seconds then stops.  Select record again and the camera will continue to record.  Happens almost every time, except when I initially start the camera, then it will stay recording with the first selection of record.

Interesting that the RS3's have a similar issue and this has not been resolved.  Since this was not an issue with my X-T3, I have to assume this is a FujiFilm firmware issue with the X-H2 series cameras.  But I doubt this will ever get fixed by FujiFilm.

Don Barar

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