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    • I've got the same problem. The XT3 works well with ronin sc when it's connected with usb-c cable. But not the XT-4 !! we must all have to write at Fujifilm and DJI asking them to update their firmware!
    • @epscott looking at the size difference between the (photo oriented) X-T1 and the (video) X-T4 shows exactly why Fujifilm is going wrong by giving in to the video generation. The X-T4 is not only a lot bulkier, but also a lot heavier. Plus, the development effort spent on creating video features cannot be spent on making the best photo camera available. Fujifilm should not cripple their photo cameras with video futures, but should create a different line for video cameras.
    • Hello, I have a little problem here,  I've noticed the whole front area moves by about 1 mm when i have 55-200 lens on my x-t30 and theres also a little bit of space between the body and silver mount,  the screws cant be turned more. It happens mostly when the camera is horizotanl and on the tripod, so the lens pulls down, when the lens points down, it doesnt really happen. The picture is just for illustration purposes and the area is highlighted, its not my camera, but the same model... Is this
    • Hi,  Recently I bought the X100V camera and I couldn't be happier. I'm trying to dial in my preferred settings. Currently I shoot in manual focus mode most of the time, with autofocus set on pressing the back scroll button since I prefer focusing on the center and then re-compositing.  However, I also have the 'photometry' setting set on 'spot' so I can quickly adjust exposure, so I can expose for shadows or highlights quickly. Now, when I point to an area to expose to, I have to
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