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  1. I went today to my local photo store and tried a bunch of other X-T2. The described color difference varied widely across the other models. On one the EVF was showing a yellow tint and the LCD was neutral, on another the colors were equally neutral on both the EVF and the LCD. I'm waiting now to get mine checked from Fuji and hope to get it back with neutral colors on both displays
  2. Thanks for your responses guys. @deva: Yes, it was always Provia with manual Whitebalance and the same brightness level (+3 is the best I think, since +4 and especially +5 shows really strong clipping in the highlights) @Alan7140: Yes, this reduced the visibility of the color inaccuracy a bit, but it now also doesn't show any Whitebalance anymore and tbh who wants to shoot Fuji without the film simulations I will try to get my hands on some other X-T2 to see if this is general issue. Maybe its something Fuji can fix via a Firmware update.
  3. I got my X-T2 last week and immediately noticed that the colors in the live preview I saw on the LCD were different from the colors in the EVF. This was most noticeable when shooting in daylight with a lot of white in the image. Seems that the EVF has a very strong and neutral white, almost cold and blue – whereas the LCD on my X-T2 tends to display everything more warmer and whites look much more yellow-ish and dirty. In the attached image you can see how the LCD of the X-T2 compares to the X-T1 side by side and the EVF (shot with fixed white balance). The difference in color reproduction is quite clear. I wouldn't mind much if both the LCD and the EVF would consistently display the preview more blue or more yellow. But having 2 displays with 2 different looks in one camera is quite annoying and distracting. So I wonder if anyone else noticed this or has similar issues – or maybe it's just my model and someone forgot to calibrate the LCD and/or the EVF properly.
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