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  1. This is such an amazing capture. It looks like those boats are sailing off the edge of the world. Did you have to stack multiple images to get the sky and the boats to come out so well?
  2. I don't think I'd call any of the mounted prime lenses pocketable besides the 27mm, and even then I'm thinking jacket pocket or cargo pocket. I wish Fuji could somehow shrink the X100 line to the Ricoh GR size without losing the viewfinder. I also didn't think I'd like a fixed focal length camera, until I tried it on the X100S.
  3. Do you have a flickr page, Nero? Some nice looking pictures you've taken, but a little cumbersome to view the collection with the image viewer on this site.
  4. I would be really disappointed with a 28mm eq. FOV. Digital crop to 35mm seems like a waste of the 24 MP sensor which we have been waiting years to get. If they put in an actual 28mm lens I would be so happy as that gets closer to my ideal 50mm FOV. Not gonna happen, I know.
  5. Hi everyone! This is my first post. I searched through the thread titles in this section and couldn't find a similar topic so I'll ask here. Do the filters you can apply to Fuji raw files in Raw File Converter EX 2.0 on PC work the same as the engine the Fuji camera body uses? Does Lightroom do equally well with the film simulations? Is Raw File Converter good at processing raw files for other tasks too (not organization)? Thanks for your help. As an aside: I was never impressed with those filters that you can apply in camera. I tried them in Olympus and Panasonic bodies and always thought I could get better results in Lightroom and it wasn't fun trying to do it through clunky menu systems. Then I tried the film simulation filters in a Fuji X-T10 and I was instantly hooked. It's so cool to see through the EVF exactly how the film simulation will look.
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