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  1. Proper back button focus: Add option to remove focus from stutter release in all modes, and/or In manual focus mode activate all focus modes via menu, so back button AF-L can exploit all focus modes
  2. 1) Improved bracketing to allow +/- 2 stops with three frames and up to 7 frame brackets. 2) Still more flexibility to programme the buttons - basically and function to any button 3) open up the USB port to allow an external bluetooth transponder to provide GPS coordinates - like these guys over at foolograpy do for Nikon.
  3. Greetings. My name is Ade Russell and I live in Munich. I am a Brit, originally from Sheffield, England. I am a keen amatur and long time Nikon guy. A year ago I got an x100s as a second camera and now I have added an X-T1. I travel a lot and always my D810 with me. Now I am trying the X-T1. So far I am very impressed. You can see my work at https://500px.com/aderussell Cheers... Ade
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