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  1. I would love to see an XT-2 with the following: - less flimsy covers - much better battery life - in body image stabilization (especially for video) - improved video with all manual controls and 4k - higher sync speed - much snappier AF with good functional and reliable tracking (really looking forward to the 4.0 upgrade) - Battery grip where you have access to both batteries (this one drives me nuts) - Much more defined and large grip on the body itself (slightly larger body would be fine too... or maybe a pro body where you don't need a grip... i'd love that) - Full frame? something in between? It's a toss up for me.. -improved in-camera raw processing with a better layout: not menu based (I really loved the in camera raw processing on the 6D) -better high iso performance.. I can live without it but it never hurts to ask -higher MS shutter speed -same lens lineup
  2. I'm sure the 35 f2 will be a fantastic lens. I don't believe that there are enough differences between the two lenses to justify both. If you need WR then get the one that has WR. F1.4 vs F2 is not an argument. Both should be perfectly usable in low light interior situations. For those of you who like to hang on to every piece of gear for decades, no one is stopping you. Nothing wrong with collecting if it's your thing... I'm sure its tons of fun. It's not my thing, I like to trade up whenever possible if necessary. I do believe that if you can capture fantastic photos with a camera today, as long as its functional in 30 years, it'll also be great but if it makes sense for whatever reason to trade up, then do so. I don't find it narrow minded to shoot with a wide selection of focal lengths... (narrow/wide... c'mon, the words are even opposites) you can have your favorite if you want, that's fine. You can shoot with only one if you want, that's fine... I'm not judging you... do your thing and make beautiful photos.
  3. Show of hands, how many people out there have already or are planning on investing in 2 equal focal length primes for the same system even if they are not identical in features?
  4. Maurice, Why on earth would people that have the 35 F1.4 want the 35 F2? I wouldn't, you sound like a reasonable enough dude that you wouldn't.. but people do... If the new lens is smaller (people go nuts over smaller) and if the AF is faster.. I think it will cause at least some people to sell their clunkier and chunkier 35 1.4.. Once there are more on the used market, price should go down at least a little (Insert supply/demand formula here).... Of course, I could be wrong.. and if i'm wrong that's okay too because the Fuji lenses I have are so good, I can live without another lens for a long long long time
  5. I would love the 100-400 for when I take my kids to the playground. I'm eagerly awaiting the new 35 f2 in hopes that the 35 1.4 will go down in price so i can one day pick it up used for a real bargain . I'm perfectly happy with the size of all of the current Fuji lenses and personally hope that future lenses stay as large as necessary (I don't mean make them big for no reason) so there is no compromise at all on performance/aperture. I feel like a lot of the decisions Fuji has made on their current lens lineup has to do with absolutely no compromise as far as quality goes even if it means people are upset with the size/weight. I think they chose wisely as there are tons of smaller and inferior products on the market and I have no desire to switch systems right now with the results I'm getting. As far as the camera itself goes, the XT1 is a pleasure to use and I'm hoping that June's firmware upgrade will really take it up to that next level. I hope future cameras fix the problems with video and I wouldn't mind some class leading in body stabilization so that I could finally toss out my old camcorder. I'm still waiting for the XF12-600mm F1.2 R WR but i'm guessing that will be on the 2017 lineup?
  6. Shalom Aleichem Fuji-X-Forum people! my name is Danny, I live in South Florida I'm a stay at home and homeschooling dad. I'm into snapping photos because of my 4 beautiful kids (8,7,5 and almost 2). I had a Canon 6D which I sold for my Fuji gear. I currently have a XT1 and use the 23 and 56 for indoor low light and for everything else I use the 16-55 and 50-140. Very happy with the Fuji and having a ton of fun with it. Lechayim!
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