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  1. I'm hoping for the GF 20-35. Lucky for me, the mock-ups show f4. A 2.8 would be too heavy to carry around in the mountains.
  2. Hi, you are right and this is the way it works. For me it is a massive improvement how it works with Fuji and longtime exposure. Coming from Nikon (and what I have heard other brands have similar behaviour) where I always have the to carry and intervalometer or at least a remote release with lock, this is much easier. As you mentioned, there is always the possibility to end the long exposure before the end of the timer. PS: Yes, I know the the "time mode" with the Nikon. 😉
  3. Hello everyone, my name Klaus and I'm from southern Bavaria. I'm doing nature photography, mostly landscapes (plus nightscapes in the future). I love the whole process from planing, shooting, post processing and printing. After 29 years as a Nikon shooter, I switched to Fuji GFX four weeks ago. Even I'm in the mid 50s, I was willing to try to carry the additional weight on my hiking trips. 😉 ATM I'm really curious about the GF 20-35/4 and hope this lens can complete my lenses in the wide-angle area. I hope I can learn many things here in the forum. Maybe at one point I can help other Fuji users too. If you are interested I have a few images displayed at. www.500px.com/klausschleicher Happy shooting to all Klaus
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