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  1. I'm loving the kit lens at 23mm but since the aperture is similar, 23mm would be kind of reduntant IMO. The 35mm was the lens I was most leaning towards but looking at the 50mm, at two stops lower it's a very tempting proposition. I've been shooting specifically at 18, 23, 35 and 55mm checking out the images and I love them all in different ways. loved the 18mm's width for "action" recording or "full house" pictures. 23 was nice when I wanted to do a kind of a portait but heavily in context (subject takes a smaller part of the shot) 35mm was great for portaits from close up but it was a bit **too** close to the subject. It yielded great pictures though. A bit grainy due to higher ISO. at 55mm was at a good distance to the subject, good pictures, different than the 35mm. Higher ISO though and was hunting for focus a bit. Both 35mm and 50mm f/2 sound great and it's a difficult decision tbh but I get more difference out of the 50mm f/2 (vs f/4) than out of the 35mm f/3.6 I know both 50 and 35mm do great for video and are nice and fast when focusing. I'm also considering the 33 f/1.4 because it's roughly at the same distance from the kit lens as the 50mm f/2 is and I might like the 33mm more than than the 50 but unsure yet. Thanks!
  2. Exactly what I was worried about when it comes to the 50mm/f1was the unpracticality of the faster aperture there. 33/f1.4 - Didn't really look at it that much, will research more. It seems then that I'll be hovering around the 50mm f/2 as the second lens then. I'm also looking for rentals but most rentals don't rent like I thought they do so might take a while until I have a chance to test that out. Thanks! Great info!
  3. o7 Thanks, Will most likely go to a rental place for lenses and see what I can get there
  4. Budget - yes, it's something I plan on getting in half a year after gathering a larger stack of funds. However, because I do not want to invest and be disappointed, rental services seem like a **really** good advice. That viltrox looks like a great value lens and I see one new relatively cheap, that is great advice, thank You. I don't see reviews for its video performance though; any info on that? Thanks.
  5. When I initially pyt my kit lens on the body of my x-s10 it seemed to be on but it was sliiiiightly out of angle and it didn't click(lock on) and so the focus was always missing and aperture was not displaying properly. Fixed by turning a bit harder so that it clicked. Might be that?
  6. Hello:) So I'm doing a little bit of photography for quite some time now, my first camera was a Canon powershot A495 compact, I later swiched to an Olympus E-PL1 with its kit lens, then started using my Samsung S7 then S10 and recently I got myself a fuji X-S10 also with the kit lens (the XF 18-55 f/2.8-4) https://sivael.gensys.pl/ The first 10 images (~two top rows) are from fuji. I want to do more portaits, shoot and film weddings/events as well as do some macro stuff(with a 16mm ring I think?) I'm thinking about a second lens and my main contenders are 35mm f/2 - for shallower DOF when shooting portaits, great video quality (kit lens at 35mm is f/3.6) 23mm f/2 - is this better or worse for portaits? (kit lens is f/3.2) 50mm f/1 - portaits should be very interesting with this one, but would they not be *too* shallow for good results? (kit lens is at f/4) 90mm f/2 - a long lens but some said it's very good for portaits. It would also give me more range for shooting nature. Maybe one of the zoom lenses? I find that having the ability to zoom gives more flexibility to catch that event and frame it just a little bit wider than needed to cut to size later. I also don't want too many large lenses so the kit + something small + a zoom telephoto seems attractive to me but I don't have much experience there so I don't really know. I'm looking for practical advice on which lenses to look at for portaits and event shooting in both picture and video format.
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