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  1. What would be causing the lens to not focus. Please
  2. No sadly. I tried that.
  3. Hi. I have a fuji x t 20. This lens is 30-230 The lens is doing as per photos. What could the problem be. Is it fixable? Camera works fine with other lenses.
  4. Camera is an xt20 and the lens is 35-230 X mount. All I would like advice on is is the lens fixable. What causes it to show up blurry when looking through it. I put another lens on and it’s fine. This one is blurry. Cant make out the object.
  5. Hi all. I’ve purchased a second hand lens today and when I attach to my camera it’s just all blurry. What will it be please?. The seller won’t refund me. I’ve tried all sorts with the lens but no difference, it’s just blurry when I look through it. Any idea anyone please.
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