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  1. Hello Ok, I think I know how to make it work. Will edit my post asap.
  2. Hi I wonna showcase Fujinon 16/1.4 lens, when using it on travel (I was in 2 weeks holiday in Croatia with my family) Im new in Fujifilm system, so for now I got only X-S10 and 16/1.4 (looking towards new upcoming XF 33/1.4 or XF 56/1.2 mkII) Landscape photography/journalism is not my best side, so Im fully aware that 16/1.4 lens will create way better photos in hands of more skilled landscape photographer Previous I was working on Canon DSLR's (5DII, 5DIII, 6D) + fast primes, so now I can fully appreciate compact size and small weight of aps-c mirrorless cameras + excellent .jpg of Fuji's SOOC Larger resolution photos are on my flickr gallery including exif data: https://flickr.com/photos/193816559@N05/ Exif data contains info that all photos was edited in Capture One. It is because I do resized them all in Capture One after editing only some of them, but most of the photos are SOOC with recipes. I will point U guys, witch shots was SOOC. Hope U will enjoy it 1) 2) 3) SOOC 4) 5) SOOC 6) 7) SOOC 8 ) SOOC 9) 10) 11) SOOC 12) SOOC 13) SOOC 14) SOOC 15) SOOC 16) SOOC 17) SOOC
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