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  1. Hey, Didn't find the right topic selection, so I wrote under X-T4, but works for X-T3 and lower probably also.Ok then, I found new recipes : Øyvind Nordhagen – MediumAn Oslo based photographer.Also an interesting article about "Medium format look on small sensors"I always publish them on my site + on my page "The Largest Collection of Recipes brought together"But will try to remember to mention them here as well - my site is all open source and free, i'am not selling anything - nor get paid.Hope it helps someone.Regards,Marc
  2. Hey, So I'm new here. My name is Marc, recently retired - IT specialist/Technician. Old school photographer and Pentax user for over 40 years, and recently switched to Fuji. Main camera now is the Fuji X-H1, the rest of the camera gear consists of an original Fuji X100, X-T1, and I'm still looking for a good X-T2 as a backup. Have many other cameras including an Olympus E M10 and also analog like the Olympus OM 2000 and Nikon F60. I currently mainly use the analog to make film simulations for my website (PictureFX) On my website I do reviews, and now also Fuji related things. But one of the main activities is to keep the "Largest Collection of..." lists, and here we are talking about Recipes, Luts in all sizes, Presets etc.. Feel free to visit my website at : https://marcrphoto.wordpress.com/, and if you happen to know of any other websites that have/make film simulations, feel free to forward them so I can add them. I have a separate gallery for my pictures, you can come and have a look here: https://marcroovers.wordpress.com/ thanks, Marc.
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