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  1. When the X-T4 camera is in S mode, switching between the clarity settings from "1" to "0" does work. When the X-T4 Camera is in ADV mode it's not possible to make changes to the clarity setttings, so the issue remains., and the "STORING" notification still pops up. Even when I formatted the SD card.
  2. I am happy with my ProGrade Digital 128GB UHS-II SDXC Memory Cards. The only error notification I recieved lately is described below. But the images are stored on the card anyway ... so it is not really a problem.
  3. I have more or less a similar issue. When turning the drive to "ADV" and try to shoot in "Advanced Filter Settings" e.g. (Partial Color Orange) the "STORING" error shows up as well, for about two seconds. The photo, however, is stored on the memory card. The SD card I use is the ProGrade SD UHS-II 128GB Card V90 –Up to 250MB/s Write Speed and 300 MB/s Drive "ADV" Select menu Shooting Settings "Drive Setting" "Advanced Filter Settings" "Partial Color Orange" So something is not entirely processed correctly but it is working.
  4. I am planning to purchase the new FujiFilm XT-4 when it is available in NL. With the launch of the XT-4 FujiFilm removed the supported SD Cards from the compatibility section on their website. The link is still present on the XT-3 specifications website but the link is not working anymore * 1 Please see the Fujifilm website to check memory card compatibility https://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/compatibility/card/x/?_ga=2.36026537.881780981.1588514698-1422211324.1588514698 I am planning to shoot both video and stills, and I selected two SD cards of 128 GB SDXC V
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