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  1. It looks like this... just as normal but no image. Just pitch black instead. But since the camera focus on different objects – the camera can the what I am pointing it at. Somehow it is just not showing the image on either screen. Pressing the Display / Back button just toggles the different versions. View mode also works as normal, but no image in the EVF either.
  2. I think I have the same / similar problem. After firmware update I don't get any image on my screen or the EVF. The camera seems to be working fine, except it won't display and image from the lens. It's like I have the lens cap on, even if it is off. Can you see anything on your EVF? Can you tanke pictures?
  3. I updated my X-T3 from its shipping firmawe (probably 1.0 or similar) to the latest version 3.01. The camera restarted and everything works except that I get no image through the lens on the EVF or screen on the back. All data (sutterspeed etc) are shown a usual and I can se old images from the memory on both screens. The camera can even focus on objects – but they are not visible to me. I turned on/off. Removed the battery. Reseted both the "Shooting Menu" and the "Set up reset" but still no image. Tested different lenses. And tried different settings in the menu. But nothing seems to work. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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