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  1. what about if ill buy ronin or weebill s with follow focus servo? doest follow focus with phone,timelapses ect will not work with xt30?
  2. So there is no compability at all?
  3. Hi. I've been looking for gimbal recommendation for xt30. I got 4 on my list: Weebill s Weebill Lab Ronin sc g6max Which of those would be the best option in terms of compability with my camera. Thank You
  4. can take images everything is fine apart of that one mode with thumbnail which was showing live view before-now just shows taken photo
  5. was showing live view in that small black square i marked
  6. Hi all. I got problem with my back disp screen mode. it used to work before but now is blank. Can anyone tell me how to turn it back on. ps. i think that happened after firmware update few days ago Thank you
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