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  1. I have four of the Wasabi batteries that work just fine in my X-T3’s. I can’t see any difference in performance between the Wasabi and Fuji batteries, but my wallet can certainly tell the difference!
  2. This is a Capture One bug when shooting the X-T3 in sports finder mode. The raw files will work fine in Lightroom/ Adobe RAW and other raw processors.
  3. I updated my two X-T3's yesterday and my settings all seemed to transfer over OK.
  4. I have had no issues wearing glasses when using the larger eyepieces.
  5. One other quick note, if you were able to get the same ones in my post above, the rear button size is the second from the left ... the vertical shutter one is the largest one.
  6. Involuntary shudder as I read that.... They are not really all that sparkly in real life and actually blend in with the black camera pretty well.
  7. I have noticed the same rattle/clunk noise in my 90... the same noise the 50-140 makes when it is not on the camera. Both lenses make incredibly sharp images when on the camera and Fuji says the noise is normal behavior. As long as the image quality continues to be so outstanding, I'm not going to worry. As a long time professional photographer who has used Canon for the better part of the last 25 years and has suffered through numerous QC issues, 1D variant body focus issues, weather sealing issues, lenses that were back/front focused on one side and not the other, repeated IS motor failure issues, just to name a few, I have been very pleased with the high quality of the Fuji bodies (X-T1's) and the glass and how well they work right out of the box. As far as reviewers "warning" readers about the noise, if it how the lens is supposed to operate and does not compromise image quality, there wouldn't seem to be a need to warn anyone. I am really loving the 90... clunk and all.
  8. I have made a few changes to my XT-1's 1- Switched to the larger eyepiece which is a huge improvement over the one that comes with the camera. 2- Using the Lolumina Mini soft release. It does make it much easier to find/use the shutter button. 3- Installed the ITG glass protective cover on the rear LCD 4- Using the DSPTCH Standard Camera Sling Strap ( http://www.dsptch.com/collections/sling ) 5- Found small stick-on soft plastic rhinestones to use as buttons to put on the AF-L button and Focus Assist button so I can find them easily with my thumb when using the camera. I used one on the AF-L button on the vertical grip, also since it is in a strange spot and always seem to be hunting for the right button. (I found these at Michael's crafts store by accident on a trip there with my art-loving seven-year-old daughter.) They fit perfectly and require no trimming or modification. They stay stuck but can be pulled off easily using just your thumbnail. ($5 for about 150 of them in a few different sizes) 6- Used a larger "rhinestone" as a soft release on the vertical grip. I tried using a Lolumina one, but it kept getting caught on my pocket, bag, etc... this sits flush and also fits perfectly. Again, it stays stuck but will come off easily with just a thumbnail. But as cheap as they are, even if one popped off accidentally, it's no problem to stick a new one on. I'm not really a rhinestone sort of guy, but I have not found anything else that works as well as these do. They are soft enough that there is a bit of give when you push them and they won't bug your thumb with a long day of shooting and still rigid enough that you have good contact with the button when you push it.
  9. I just got the email that Amazon will be delivering my 90mm tomorrow (Sat 7/11.) The original delivery date was the 14th... but I guess they got them in early... woohoo!
  10. (This isn't exactly raw conversion, but a corrupt card will certainly make converting your raw files much more difficult... so please forgive me if this is slightly OT, but it seemed like the closest fit for where to post this. ) Hi fellow X users... I recently replaced a bunch of my CF and SD cards and with each card came a serial number for Lexar's Image Rescue 5 software. It works on Macs and PC's and will recover images from any brand of corrupt memory card. I am already using other card recovery software so I don't need these. If you would like one of the licenses for free, post up here and then PM me with your email address and I will email you a pdf of the card with the download link and the serial number. I only have 8, so the first 8 folks will get them. Cheers!
  11. It arrived Friday. What a beautiful lens! Definitely glad I ordered it!
  12. I just got the email that the lens will be in my hands on Friday, barring any FedEx issues... woohoo!
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