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  1. Just to clarify, It's not lightroom not sure about the camera though. As you see the file i sent is doing the same thing on everyone's computer. If i preview the file on the camera, it appears normal. Someone mentioned the burst setting on the camera, that's a very good observation because i did have it on burst but not all the images from that same burst are turning purple. just some of them. The camera i used on that shoot was rented so if it is the camera im not worried it will happen again as i shot with my own camera the week after and the images seemed fine. I'm hoping it is the camera so it doesn't ever happen again. could it be the sd card. i have two and its seem's to the every second batch of pictures that have this problem. both the sd cards are brand new and were first used on this shoot with this camera. they are the lexar professional sd HC II class 10 1000x 150mb/s My main concern is how to fix the images. they are raw so i have some relief there but still a pain and hoping they are not lost. can someone open the file in capture one so we can rule out the idea of it being an adobe problem?
  2. No I'm using lightroom cc 2015.9 and camera raw 9.9
  3. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it? For some reason, some of my images are turning purple and it's not fixable just by clicking on reset in lightroom develop or in camera raw photoshop. The preview of the images on my camera are normal but when I import them to lightroom or camera raw they do this. I tried resetting the images, applying all the setting to 0 or balanced, copy and pasting presets applied to other images that were not purple and all that did was apply the presets over the purple tinted image. I also sent the raw file to a friend thinking that maybe it was my adobe but he got the same problem. I'm using lightroom cc 2015.9 and camera raw 9.9 I've posted a link to a raw file if you guys would like to open the image and give it a try https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-M3KcTQibo7Zjc2MllxMWJPTFU/view?usp=sharing Thanks
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