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  1. Hi All, It's been a while since I took my trip, but I thought I'd update you guys on how it all went. I ended up buying a 10-24 and a 50-230mm for the trip. The 10-24 is the lens I was most likely to use again, and I love wide-angle lenses, so I chose that out of the options discussed above. I chose the 50-230 for the long end purely because of weight and cost. I brought both the X-T2 and X-T20 to Peru with me along with the two zooms, the 35 f2 and the Zeiss 50mm Macro. For the Inca Trail itself, I decided to leave the X-T20 in the hotel and brought the following: X-T2 10-24 35 f2 50-230 I carried the X-T2 with 10-24 attached in a Think Tank holster, and the 50-230 in a Lowepro Lens Changer 100AW. Both of these were strapped to my hiking backpack's waist strap. The 35 f2 was so small that I just put it in the pocket of my backpack waist strap. I was very happy with my carrying solution. Because the two cases were mounted to my backpack waist strap, it didn't put any strain on my back or shoulders. I also had instant access to the camera and could change lenses easily with the Lowepro case without putting anything down. Definitely recommend that one for hassle-free lens changes. I ended up not using the 35 f2 at all. The two zooms covered everything I needed. It did rain non-stop on the third day, but I ended up taking almost no pictures as it was enough of an effort just to get through the day. Almost all my pictures were taken with the 10-24, but I am definitely glad to have brought the 50-230 as it did take a couple of my favourite llama shots. Thanks for all your tips last year, they really helped me in deciding what to bring All the best Jamil
  2. So after some discussion on this on another forum, I'm starting to lean towards buying a 10-24 and bringing the 35 mm on the trail for wet conditions. I've played with the 10-24, 18-55 and 18-135 in the shop, though not the 16-55. Part of my thinking is that I'm unlikely to use the 18-135 after the trip (unless for another adventure) ... the size is too big for casual use and I prefer wider aperture lenses. Likewise, the 16-55 is not something I'd carry around day-to-day, unlike a couple of primes. The 18-55 might get some use, but really doesn't add much if anything to my current kit. The 10-24 is the only one that adds something to my kit that I don't already have. I'm just painfully aware that it's not weather resistant, and I understand that it's likely to get humid, foggy and muddy up there.
  3. Just sharing some pics from a walkabout in Barcelona last year. I had the 14mm, 23mm 1.4 and Zeiss 50, but I ended up using the 14mm the most. Some of my favourites (straight from camera JPEGs) Fuji X-T10 | XF14mm | 1/550s at f8 | ISO 800 Fuji X-T10 | XF14mm | 1/680s at f8 | ISO 400 Fuji X-T10 | XF14mm | 1/900s at f8 | ISO 200 Fuji X-T10 | XF14mm | 2s at f6.4 | ISO 400 Fuji X-T10 | XF14mm | 2s at f5 | ISO 1000
  4. Hi All, I'm going on my honeymoon to Peru in September and we're planning to do the 4-day Inca Trail. This will be our biggest adventure ever so I'll definitely be bringing my Fuji cameras and lenses to document this trip. I'll probably bring everything I have to Peru and then take a couple of lenses out with me for any given situation. However, I've never done any serious hiking with a camera system, so I'd love your help in choosing what to bring/buy specifically for the Inca Trail. My current equipment is: Bodies: Fuji X-T2, Fuji X-T10 (will upgrade to the X-T20 by the time the trip comes around) Lenses: XF 14mm f/2.8, XF 18mm f/2.0, XF 23mm f/1.4, XF 35mm f/2.0, Zeiss Touit 50mm f/2.8 Macro At the moment my thinking is as follows: While I'm trying to get into the best shape I can for the trip, I'm no athlete and I'd like to minimise the weight as much as I can I'd like to avoid changing lenses as much as possible, as we don't want to fall too far behind the rest of our group while I'm fiddling with lenses. For this reason, I'm thinking of bringing both bodies on the hike and having one lens on each Having watched some YouTube videos of the Inca Trail, it looks like "zooming with your feet" simply isn't an option for most of the way. The trail is narrow and snakes around some very steep mountainside, so if I want to take a shot, I'm stuck where I am. So while I love my primes, I may need to get myself a zoom or two As far as I can gather, wildlife isn't a big feature of the trek (bar the odd llama) so I probably won't need anything with too long a reach. By contrast, with the deep valleys and the spectacular views from the mountains, I should concentrate on the wide-to-normal range The weather might be changeable/unpredictable, so a weather-sealed zoom to go on the X-T2 might be a good idea At the moment, I'm considering buying either the 16-55 2.8 or the 18-135 to go on the X-T2, which will hopefully cover most situations. Then, if I take another body, I can either keep the 14mm on it for vistas/valleys/Machu Picchu, or buy something even wider (10-24 zoom or perhaps the Samyang 12mm). On the other hand, if I bought the 10-24 to mount on the X-T20, might that cover most situations and I could just keep the 35 f2 mounted on the X-T2 as the weather sealed option if needed? Has anyone done the Inca Trail (or has hiked generally with other camera systems) that could advise? Thanks so much!
  5. Hello all! I live in London, UK and started shooting Fuji just over a year ago, having previously shot with Pentax and Canon DSLRs. I made the switch when I realised one day that I hadn't taken my Pentax K5 and lenses out of my wardrobe in 2 years! I'd had enough of hauling around such weighty equipment, and the size/heft was always off-putting to my fiance and friends. I'm now loving the Fuji system and shooting primes (14, 18, 23 f1.4, 35 f2, Zeiss 50) and it's reawakened my photography after a much-too-long hiatus. Looking forward to learning and sharing with you guys! Jamil
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