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  1. Hi All, It's been a while since I took my trip, but I thought I'd update you guys on how it all went. I ended up buying a 10-24 and a 50-230mm for the trip. The 10-24 is the lens I was most likely to use again, and I love wide-angle lenses, so I chose that out of the options discussed above. I chose the 50-230 for the long end purely because of weight and cost. I brought both the X-T2 and X-T20 to Peru with me along with the two zooms, the 35 f2 and the Zeiss 50mm Macro. For the Inca Trail itself, I decided to leave the X-T20 in the hotel and brought the following: X-T2
  2. So after some discussion on this on another forum, I'm starting to lean towards buying a 10-24 and bringing the 35 mm on the trail for wet conditions. I've played with the 10-24, 18-55 and 18-135 in the shop, though not the 16-55. Part of my thinking is that I'm unlikely to use the 18-135 after the trip (unless for another adventure) ... the size is too big for casual use and I prefer wider aperture lenses. Likewise, the 16-55 is not something I'd carry around day-to-day, unlike a couple of primes. The 18-55 might get some use, but really doesn't add much if anything to my current kit. The 10-
  3. Just sharing some pics from a walkabout in Barcelona last year. I had the 14mm, 23mm 1.4 and Zeiss 50, but I ended up using the 14mm the most. Some of my favourites (straight from camera JPEGs) Fuji X-T10 | XF14mm | 1/550s at f8 | ISO 800 Fuji X-T10 | XF14mm | 1/680s at f8 | ISO 400 Fuji X-T10 | XF14mm | 1/900s at f8 | ISO 200 Fuji X-T10 | XF14mm | 2s at f6.4 | ISO 400 Fuji X-T10 | XF14mm | 2s at f5 | ISO 1000
  4. Hi All, I'm going on my honeymoon to Peru in September and we're planning to do the 4-day Inca Trail. This will be our biggest adventure ever so I'll definitely be bringing my Fuji cameras and lenses to document this trip. I'll probably bring everything I have to Peru and then take a couple of lenses out with me for any given situation. However, I've never done any serious hiking with a camera system, so I'd love your help in choosing what to bring/buy specifically for the Inca Trail. My current equipment is: Bodies: Fuji X-T2, Fuji X-T10 (will upgrade to the X-T20 by the time th
  5. Hello all! I live in London, UK and started shooting Fuji just over a year ago, having previously shot with Pentax and Canon DSLRs. I made the switch when I realised one day that I hadn't taken my Pentax K5 and lenses out of my wardrobe in 2 years! I'd had enough of hauling around such weighty equipment, and the size/heft was always off-putting to my fiance and friends. I'm now loving the Fuji system and shooting primes (14, 18, 23 f1.4, 35 f2, Zeiss 50) and it's reawakened my photography after a much-too-long hiatus. Looking forward to learning and sharing with you guys! Jamil
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