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  1. Thank you! Are you happy with it? Would you do it again? I mean the color combination. Does it really come with a black lens cap? What is the black ring between lens cap and TCL?
  2. Does anybody have a picture of a black X-100/S/T with an silver lenshood or silver TCL-100 attached? Thanks for your opinions
  3. This camera is definitely not yours. I know this picture is officially uesd by Fuji and I know the german guy who used this preproduction X-Pro2
  4. You want a smaller body? Bux X-T10. You want less retro looking? Buy any X-T. X-E3 should be X-Pro 2 minus OVF minus weather sealing minus joystick = affordable 24 MP with new processor!
  5. Simply look at the actual Camera Sections... Successors to x100 and x30 would come into an existing camera section So it is no X-T, no X-Pro, no X-E and so on...
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