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  1. jclone

    16-55 vs 56

    For indoors in winter time, there's nothing that makes the 16mm 1.4 redundant. The draw to the Fuji system for me is those super fast primes. If anything I'd sell the 10-24mm (given that I also have the Samyang 12mm) The 90mm f/2 is a good point though, I hear it's AF is up there and it's a macro lens as well is it?
  2. jclone

    16-55 vs 56

    I use an X-Pro 2 (was using X-E1 before). It's faster for sure, but we' re touching the limits of how fast can the lens elements move...
  3. jclone

    16-55 vs 56

    Hi, When I started getting into the Fuji system, I got attracted very fast to the 56mm f/1.2 because it is such a luxurious piece of glass. I got it cheap-ish too. It is a wonderful lens. But big and special. My wife and kid do not like to pose, so I am doing more spontaneous portraits. The AF of the 56mm really struggles there. I feel I get great shots when I catch them still. I tend to take the 35mm f/1.4 more which always give great images (even for portraits). So I have this 800dollars brick sitting way too often on the shelve. The other side of the story is that I barely use the 18-55mm kit. It's technically ok, but I somehow never impress by the shots it makes and I suspect I have a "bad" copy as I randomly get complete OOF shots, which makes me insecure when I use it. So I thought, sell 18-55 and 56. Buy 16-55 and some tele legacy glass for portrait work. I found a reasonable cheap 16-55. Have it since 2-3 days. God, it is monstrously big. The IQ is flawless. But what is more amazing is the AF. Very confident and sure. Will play with the setup more, but I figure yes I' ll carry a big lens, but it'll be very versatile at least. Paired with a 16mm f/1.4 and 35mm f/1.4, I think it'd make a great general setup. Things may change when that 50mm f/2 gets out. Am I making sense? anybody went through some similar thoughts?
  4. Looks awesome. I am going there next Tuesday for 2 weeks and plan to do the same. Will be very happy to reach the quality of those. I don't think I'll have time to do panorama since I'll be with my family. I plan to use the Samyang 12mm f/2 and do as as many as I can and stack them.
  5. That is a great post summarizing what I have seen. (tested Sony, M43 and Canon Full Frame DLSR) It's refreshing to be able to say what things are and not have everybody immediately calling out " user error " or defending manufacturers beyond reason. Fuji AF has this annoying quirk of preferring to focus on backgrounds, it's there on all cameras they make. They finally got rid of the waxy skin despite calling a feature for a while and a number of users refusing to acknowledge it. So I hope they will finally admit that their algorithm needs to be changed and we' ll see a firmware update. Shooting people a few meters away with 16mm for example, I often need to go manual, because I cant always fill the af box with the person I want in focus... (even the smallest box) I stick with Fuji because when it gets it right, it's really accurate and the IQ is splendid, but it wouldn't hurt anyone to improve that aspect of their camera.
  6. Thanks for this! Could you elaborate on what is different on these compared to the Scottie Wang original version? I mostly see differences in the highlights, that's why I am curious since you mention changes in shadows. Also, the icc for X-Pro 2 are 5 times smaller than XT-1. Any reason why?
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