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    • By FenFotos
      Spring 2020, in the heart of the pandemic. Walking the dog (or vice versa) along Riverside Park, masked and safely distanced. That's the George Washington Bridge in the background. Shot with Fujifilm X-T2 and Acros-R film emulation.
    • By FenFotos
      This is the scene on Memorial Day 2020. Masks, quiet, birds singing.... Few people on what is ordinarily a day mobbed with tourists and locals taking to our great park. With music, vendors, artists, bikers, joggers, horses & buggies, and a pond filled with rowboats. Now: this. This image with X-T2, 18-55mm Fuji Lens, Acros-R film emulation.
    • By 。。。DTB 。。。
      I created this slideshow of images that I took of a maiko walking around Miyagawacho, in Kyoto, this September. I edited all of the images in Capture One using Fujifilm's new film simulation, classic negative. When Fujifilm provides the X-T3 with classic negative via a future firmware update, I am sure it will be even better. However, I am liking the new film simulation already for street photos. What do you think of classic negative for your own photos?
      Fujifilm X-T3 , Canon EF 300mm f4L IS, Fringer EF-FX Pro ii 
    • By NeilC
      When shooting fine RAW with simulation set to b/w options the RAW file is in full colour.
      I want to be able to convert a RAW b/w image via Adobe Raw without converting from colour to greyscale first.
      Am I missing something here? Am I stuck with just the jpeg in say Acros?
      Regards, NeilC
    • By IanF
      Hi all,
      I downloaded the new version of Capture One 11.3, which supports tether shooting on GFX cameras, but I'm having some trouble getting things to work properly.
      When I connect up the GFX 50S to my MacBook Pro the software sees the camera and lets me trigger it remotely. But the RAW image that's transferred over only shows up as a VERY low res preview. The rest of the image is missing. The files have transferred, because I can see them on Finder and open them through Lightroom/Photoshop. Whatsmore, I can shoot Raw files to card and open them in Capture One 11.3 OK.
      Anyone else had any problems?
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    • I have this issue on the 16 1.4, 23 1.4 and 56 1.2. All 3 are really lose. It makes them a nightmare to shoot with as I’m constantly having to check it hasn’t moved for each shot, as my hand is naturally holding it when i shoot, it’s easily moved. There are barely any ‘stops’ at all for each setting, it’s like a smooth rotation with some subtle bumps as I turn it.    don’t get me wrong - all 3 lenses are fantastic. Chuffed to bits with them, but the aperture rings are completely awful. It
    • Hello,   My iso wheel suddenly stopped changing the iso when on video mode. When I switch to photo it is perfectly fine though.   Does anybody have any idea what might be causing it? I have not changed anything in the settings but...    Thank you in advance!
    • I don't believe you're doing anything wrong, because I have the same issue. The only thing the function button allows you to do is switching face/eye recognition on of off. No more options. My X-T2 did offer the option to switch between auto eye, left eye and right eye detection, but the X-T3 sadly not (Fuji are you listening?). Now you have to dig into the menu setting to make the required settings.
    • Recent versions of Lightroom have the option of using the film simulation used when capturing the image. It can be changed. Go to Lightroom > preferences. Look for the tab Presets. Here you can change the settings. You may even do so per camera used. There are three options: any preset to your liking, or Adobe Standard (instead of the horrible Adobe Color) or Camera Settings (your used Film setting). Hope this helps.
    • You can change the default profile used when importing images into Capture one and lightroom, you could set it to a flat profile to give you more of that "Raw" look.
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