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  1. Just to circle back on this. It was defective and had to be returned. Man, that was annoying. I changed the battery and it dumped its settings just before a shoot which caused me to shoot JPG's instead of RAW. Had to reshoot. Grumble... If yours are still doing it, send it in for repair.
  2. I win! Thanks all, here's the update. Great thought on water breaking down the gelatin. I tried alcohol at first and it didn't keep it "soft" long enough. I found some very thin but tight gun cleaning patches that I was able to get underneath the meter/shutter speed dial and drag back and forth with a spot of hot water that did the trick. For the command dial I cut small strips of the patches and folded them around small strips I cut from a soda can to get to that area, again with the hot water. Working great now. Appreciate the help!
  3. Thanks for the idea, bhu! I was thinking about trying to hold it near the nozzle of a boiling tea kettle as the source. I'm a little worried about the heat though. Think a very light stream would still be too hot? I was also thinking about a very small amount of some very thin oil. If I can't get it out, perhaps I can at least keep it from staying a solid. Thoughts?
  4. Well, it's kind of a long story, but a wayward Jell-o shot found it's way into the controls of my new X-T2. Although I was able to get most of it out and the shutter speed/photometery dials and moving again, the rear command dial is problematic. Any ideas how to get that out of there? I tried a cleaning patch soaked in water, but just can't get it in there, specifically the top side of the dial. Any ideas?
  5. Actually, not silly at all since LR is not static. That was the entire reason for this post, I've found that over time, the sharpening in LR has not only become awful, but causing otherwise good images to look worse because of the tool. I do not consider myself a pixel peeper at all, but noticing the strange texture in my portraits has sent me down this path. I have noticed that if the portrait is very highly lit with a low ISO, LR's sharpening and PB's settings work well. At higher ISO's, things fall off quickly. If there is noise or grain, it squirts artifacts all over the image to the point of taking away from the image. Moving from LR to Capture One is not a trivial task. I spent 1-2 hours a day learning the tool and verifying what it can/can't do over the last month. LR wins on a lot of fronts, but when it comes down to pure picture quality, Capture One wins by a very large margin. Enough so where I'm willing to go through the pain of switching and having a less efficient workflow. For me, the image quality takes precedence.
  6. Well shoot. Just dumped setting again during a battery change. Looks like a lemon. sigh....
  7. Just thought I'd pass along one other thing I've noticed. I opened LR5 up since it was still on my computer and has (had) the same catalog and viewed the same photos in LR5 and LR6 at the same time. LR6's sharpening (at least for Fuji RAW files) is much, much worse than LR5. So it looks as if Adobe made some change along the way that is horrific. Do I call Adobe? Or is that wasted effort? Sigh...
  8. Thanks, r_kt for the response! It dumped it's settings a bunch of time, but was just the C1-7 profiles and such. Looks like it was a known issue fixed in firmware. I upgraded to 2.0.2 and it dumped EVERYTHING again, but hasn't done it since then, so I think (hope) it's all fixed now. Fingers crossed.
  9. BTW, the version I'm using is
  10. I just picked up a X-Pro2 and set it up to shoot compressed RAW files since I read the new version of Capture One supports them. But when I go to the import section, none of the compressed RAW files appear in the list of photos to import. Is there a setting somewhere on the camera or CO that I need to use to see/import them? Thanks!
  11. I picked up a new X-Pro2 yesterday and I think I have a problem with it. When I turn it on, it occasionally requires me to go through the initial setup menu where I have to select the language and set the time/date. It's happened 4 times already. Think it's a lemon? BTW, I upgraded the firmware from 1.00 to 2.0.1 and it did it afterwards as well. Thanks!
  12. Thanks, all for the feedback! I have to agree, LR does allow me to get a ton done quickly, but since I'm not shooting Canon/Nikon, the quality just isn't there, and it seems that it's getting worse if my sharpening issues are an indicator. I pulled down a trial of Capture One and it has promise. The image quality is noticeably better, but I'm not sure the workflow is as efficient as LR. It's probably too soon to say, I'm still learning it. Appreciate the help!
  13. I recently upgraded my LR version from 5 to 6 (6.8 and CR 9.8) and noticed that my sharpening looks awful. I added presets from here that drive the detail slider to 100%: https://www.lightwith.me/sharpening-and-fujifilms-x-trans-sensor/ Has anyone noticed this as well? Still using my X-E2 and shooting RAW like always, but just about any sharpening starts to look like a mosaic at 100% zoom. Any tips?
  14. Thanks guys for the links! Looks like the body is not on sale without buying a lens. If I hadn't recently purchased the 35 f2 I'd probably bite, but looks like I'll have to wait a bit for the body to go on sale. Don't...want...to...wait...
  15. Thinking about getting a X-Pro 2 and looking for a good deal. Any idea when they might go on sale? What might I expect to pay in the US? Thanks all.
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