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Hello All X Raw Novice Here

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Hi All,

I have just purchased an XT3, I have had other Fuji cameras, and I was looking at setting up jpeg recipes on x raw studio then transferring them to my camera. I have the User Profile Menu item in  x Raw visible and I can create recipes but the menu item Camera Profile is not shown.

My camera is connected and is processing the raw files and saving the jpegs. I have read and watched a few things on this but I'm currently baffled.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi Jim! I've just succeded with my X-T4 but I believe the X-T3 works the same.

  1. In the camera settings menu, select -> "connection setting"->"connection mode"->"USB RAW CONV./BACKUP RESTORE".
  2. Connect camera to computer and turn it on
  3. In X RAW STUDIO in the left panel (source image folder),  select any one image file.
  4. In the right hand panel under profiles you should see your User profiles
  5. Right click on the one you wish to transfer to the camera and select "Copy User profile to CAMERA CUSTOM SETTING"
  6. A new menu appears where you select to which camera custom setting you want to copy and save.

That's it, at least for me!

But beware, I found out that if you set Clarity to anything else than zero, the camera will take a long time to store the image when shooting.


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