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Fujifilm Finepix S1 Pro and EF-X500

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Does anyone know if the Finepix S1 and EF-X500 flash are compatible?  I am addicted to using this as my every-day carry camera.  It's shockingly good, fully weather sealed, can capture in RAW,  and is compatible with the earlier professional-level Fujifilm Flashguns.  Please note, I am talking about the fixed lens 2013 Finepix S1 and not the earlier, Nikon Mount camera.  

This is probably a somewhat strange question, given that most users here are probably not interested in a glorified cell-phone camera with a 50x zoom lens attached to the front.  I spent my first 10 years shooting almost always in 400 and 3200 speed black and white Kodak film, with only occasional moments using 100 ASA film.  Grain has never been an issue.  I do love the idea of having a weather-sealed flash to pair it with, though.   

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