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  1. Yes please! I Have some questions! - Has single shot to single shot time improved? It was really slow with the XT1, at least not nearlly as fast as any DSLR even budget ones. It was the main motive I sold mine. - Can you take single shots with continuous shooting mode selected? That would solve the single shot time but was impossible to do with the XT1, always took at least two and really slowed down...and showed that anoying animation on screen. -Will flash work with continuous shooting? Thank you so much!
  2. It is a shame really, I will return the XT1 and buy some 1.8 Nikon primes, cheaper than the fujis and weight about the same (I know, I know, they are not as good as the fujis). I really wanted to love the fuji and know so many excellent photographers that do some amazing work woth them but this camera is not for me, maybee with the XT2, who knows! Thanks for the help!
  3. I am using MS shutter type and a sandisk extreme 45MB/s. It is very difficult to get two single shots in a fast way, it seems as if I have my camera set to a slow shutter speed (more or less equivalent to 1/4th second on a dlsr, even a a cheap one). I have tried shooting without a memory card but the results are the same. Will a 95MB/s card help? Thanks
  4. The slowness of the single shot or not being able to take single shots in burst mode? I have high performance on, image review set to off what other settings can I try? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the replies, That is really anoying, I use my Nikon that way and really like it, I find the single shots on the XT1 so slow (the time the camera takes to take the photo and to be ready to shoot again) I was really hoping this would help me overcome that issue.
  6. Hey everyone, So I would like to keep my XT1 set to CL or CH at all times but still be able to take single shots. That way I can go along taking single shots but when the need arises (person changes expression or some action is involved) I can just keep my finger on the shutter button. The thing is when I set the camera to CL or CH it is really really hard to take only one picture, most of the times the camera takes two. Will a soft release button help? Thanks
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