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  2. Here are the facts. The Canon RP costs $999 whereas the Fuji X-T4 costs $1699. The Canon RP weighs 485g whereas the X-T4 weighs 607g and the dimensions of the X-T4 are bigger then the Canon. So this nonsense that Fuji cameras cost less and weigh less and are smaller is nonsense based on Fuji marketing. The low light images from your friends R6, like Astro images, will be SIGNIFICANTLY better than your X-S10. My support of full frame is to help ensure that there is a steady stream of R&D dollars into their APS-C line as well as having a low light solution. Fuji can create the best full frame camera on Earth but they won’t because they have some sort of cultural reluctance whereas Nikon and Canon do not. This is after all a business.
  3. Nikon is moving back into the APS-C market. They are diversifying their portfolio whereas Fuji is stagnant.
  4. You have all heard me say it before. Fuji’s refusal to invade the full frame space is detrimental to the entire brand. Nikon had no fear in moving forward into a space dominated by Fuji. Some could say they did it as a matter of survival. At the end of the day, here we are. Allowing Nikon to take market share takes away R&D money for new Fuji technology. As an owner of all Fuji gear and an investor, I demand more. I want a full frame Fuji camera and so so many others. Stop this nonsensical pearl clutching and get with the times. APS-C Fuji cameras are just not enough for low light photography and medium format and the lenses are out of reach for most consumers. The sweet spot is full frame. There will always be a need for APS-C but that need may not necessarily be satisfied by Fuji. The pic below of the Nikon is from a friend, David Bock.
  5. Same exact problem. Did the return solve the problem?
  6. https://j.mp/2XuBtZb - Sony A7r IV https://j.mp/2XBavz4 -Canon R I think that’s about as small as any pro camera can get without sacrificing usability.
  7. The video features of any camera have absolutely no bearing on stills photography. None. Nothing. Ever. So having video in Fuji cameras hasn’t hurt you as a stills only photographer.
  8. Back on March 23 2017, I made a post requesting IBIS, high spec video, and fully articulated touch screens. I was treated as if I was a trolling Leper. So I'm back to gloat and I'm here now because all of you naysayers were wrong. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Every single one of you that rode my ass and tried to assassinate my character for simply asking for these features should be ashamed of yourselves. So how many of you that said you'd sell all your gear because of IBIS, flippy screens, and great video capabilities have actually followed through and done so?
  9. Just wanted to check in and make sure you haven't sold off all of you gear. I've not forgotten all of the nasty things youve said to me over the years telling me that I had it all wrong. That we don't need IBIS or fully articulated screens yet here we are in 2020 with THOSE EXACT FEATURE REQUESTS THAT I NEVER ABANDONED. You were wrong. Are you man enough to admit that you got it wrong?
  10. Ready to accept your apology whenever you are ready to give it.
  11. Wel well well well well...look at what we have here in 2020. Not only do we have IBIS...we have articulated touch screens. Looks to me like I'm owed an apology.
  12. Sooooo...everything I brought up here has come true. Are you going to abandon Fuji now like you said?
  13. You should look into the Tower Jazz/Panasonic relationship and how that counters Sony Imaging. Nikon FF MILC will use a Tower Jazz sensor, after their success with the d850.
  14. You could use a focusing aid. One that I’m familiar with is sharp star by Ian Norman. https://www.lonelyspeck.com/sharpstar/
  15. Again, I don’t see why a full frame camera would make Fuji give up on development of APS-C when they didn’t do that when the GFX 50s was released. I also think people conflate support with buying. I’m not asking if you’d buy it, I’m asking if you’d be a cheerleader (support) for Fujifilm.
  16. What? They already have a medium format system. Did you give up Fuji when they released the GFX 50s? Your reply is very interesting though in that you assumed that by releasing a full frame camera, they would somehow drop support for APS-C. Thanks for the reply though.
  17. After reading through all these posts, what is the solution or have people sold their cameras? Has any definitive cause or remedy been stated by anyone?
  18. If Fujifilm released a full frame MILC tomorrow with a decent set of lenses and accesories that had overwhemingly positive reviews (think destroyer of worlds or Godlike), would you support Fujifilm? Why or why not? Please be as specific as possible.
  19. Sorry. I’m an idiot. Updated my post.
  20. I finally did it. I finally have figured out the right settings to use here in light polluted NJ to get consistent good results in jpeg files straight out of camera for landscape astrophotography. With the right lens, right ISO settings, right lens filter, right aperture and shutter speed, it can be done. I’ve grown in my workflow and I hate spending time in front of the computer trying to make my astrophotography look good. I’d much prefer if I could get good results SOOC. That time has arrived. The last 6 shoots I did I used the same settings and got good results. Could I get even better by processing a RAW file? Yes. But this makes it too easy and it retains the more natural feel that I prefer. Here is a pic I took last night right outside of Atlantic City NJ. Camera & Settings X-T2 Samyang 12mm f2.0 @ 2.0 set to infinity Hoya Red Intensifier to reduce light pollution ISO 3200 Shutter speed 20 seconds Custom white balance of the scene (variable) Camera profile Vivid Color +3 NR +3 Sharpness +1 Shadows -2 Highlights -2 when in heavy light pollution otherwise 0. DR 200% Long Exposure NR OFF Color sRGB
  21. Yes Sir! I’ve tested using both .RAF as well as .DNG converted from .RAF. I can see a huge difference betweeen Luminar & LR/PS. Luminar is able to retain micro contrast better whereas LR/PS gets mushy and noisy.
  22. A real quick blurb regarding Luminar. Yes, it’s pretty damn amazing now for PC. Whatever they did for Fuji processing, it’s the cats meow. Very pleased with how they render RAW files. From my use I think Luminar beats out Adobe. It’s significant. Much less noise and artifacts. It’s a drastic difference. That’s it. Ciao!
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