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  2. You should look into the Tower Jazz/Panasonic relationship and how that counters Sony Imaging. Nikon FF MILC will use a Tower Jazz sensor, after their success with the d850.
  3. You could use a focusing aid. One that I’m familiar with is sharp star by Ian Norman. https://www.lonelyspeck.com/sharpstar/
  4. Again, I don’t see why a full frame camera would make Fuji give up on development of APS-C when they didn’t do that when the GFX 50s was released. I also think people conflate support with buying. I’m not asking if you’d buy it, I’m asking if you’d be a cheerleader (support) for Fujifilm.
  5. What? They already have a medium format system. Did you give up Fuji when they released the GFX 50s? Your reply is very interesting though in that you assumed that by releasing a full frame camera, they would somehow drop support for APS-C. Thanks for the reply though.
  6. After reading through all these posts, what is the solution or have people sold their cameras? Has any definitive cause or remedy been stated by anyone?
  7. If Fujifilm released a full frame MILC tomorrow with a decent set of lenses and accesories that had overwhemingly positive reviews (think destroyer of worlds or Godlike), would you support Fujifilm? Why or why not? Please be as specific as possible.
  8. Sorry. I’m an idiot. Updated my post.
  9. I finally did it. I finally have figured out the right settings to use here in light polluted NJ to get consistent good results in jpeg files straight out of camera for landscape astrophotography. With the right lens, right ISO settings, right lens filter, right aperture and shutter speed, it can be done. I’ve grown in my workflow and I hate spending time in front of the computer trying to make my astrophotography look good. I’d much prefer if I could get good results SOOC. That time has arrived. The last 6 shoots I did I used the same settings and got good results. Could I get even better by processing a RAW file? Yes. But this makes it too easy and it retains the more natural feel that I prefer. Here is a pic I took last night right outside of Atlantic City NJ. Camera & Settings X-T2 Samyang 12mm f2.0 @ 2.0 set to infinity Hoya Red Intensifier to reduce light pollution ISO 3200 Shutter speed 20 seconds Custom white balance of the scene (variable) Camera profile Vivid Color +3 NR +3 Sharpness +1 Shadows -2 Highlights -2 when in heavy light pollution otherwise 0. DR 200% Long Exposure NR OFF Color sRGB
  10. Yes Sir! I’ve tested using both .RAF as well as .DNG converted from .RAF. I can see a huge difference betweeen Luminar & LR/PS. Luminar is able to retain micro contrast better whereas LR/PS gets mushy and noisy.
  11. A real quick blurb regarding Luminar. Yes, it’s pretty damn amazing now for PC. Whatever they did for Fuji processing, it’s the cats meow. Very pleased with how they render RAW files. From my use I think Luminar beats out Adobe. It’s significant. Much less noise and artifacts. It’s a drastic difference. That’s it. Ciao!
  12. So when I’m in continuous AF, and using zone or wide tracking, the camera freaks out lol. The shutter button becomes unresponsive, when it does respond, it will take pictures all by itself without pressing the shutter button and continue until I shut it down. The EVF will go dark as if my eye is there and the LCD screen will stay on stuck displaying the last picture taken. It’s a whole bunch of weird for one mode. I am using the latest firmware but the problem has been there since I bought the camera. I am using the battery grip and I am using Lexar 2000x 64GB UHS-II cards which I used in my X-T1 without any issues. Other than that, no problems. Has someone here already identified the culprit or do I need to begin an elimination protocol? TIA
  13. Naked Russian Women. That’s 500px other than the vast amounts of photoshopped landscape images. I’ve been lucky. If you do a search for X-T2 images, one of mine comes up. But I can never figure out their ranking system. Most of my images go straight to popular where they get buried never to be seen again lol. This is the last month for my subscription and I will not be renewing.
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