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  1. So if I create this folder, will it be mirrored on the second SD back up?
  2. It does have this option, bit of a faff though, having to enter a five digit name. It would be simpler if it just did it with sequential naming.
  3. I came to Fuji from Sony. I had used Lightroom for a good few years. However, I found LR a bit sluggish and lacklustre when it came to RAF files. After much research I have switched to Capture one. For a beginner, the free version will be fine, it only lacks layers. I have also discovered DXO PureRaw2 which does a remarkable job on preparing files.
  4. Disappointed that you cannot set this camera to creat a new folder every day, as you can on Sony. It would be great if there was a ‘Create me folder’ in the menu somewhere.
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