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Post processing for beginners


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I grew up in the 70’s where I had my first camera and subsequently owned 2 more film cameras. I’ve owned one digital camera prior to owning my current Fujifilm camera. I am a true beginner, in every sense of the word when trying to post process. I’ve done some processing, but I have a difficult time with the magnitude of possibilities in enhancing and manipulating an image. I have a nice camera and a new computer and would like to ask of you, what PP program you would recommend. I would like one that challenges me, but not overwhelm my brain circuitry. I want to take this art of photography more seriously, so it is inevitable that I get on the computer. (I don’t mind a challenge). Thanks for listening. R

P.S. How’s PS Elements with Fugi?

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I have hesitated to reply to your query as it is a difficult subject. We have all gone through finding our first suitable post processing software and it is not easy. We are overwhelmed by the number of options but you eventually realise you do need them. 

I am sure that most forum members would recommend the software that they use and they all do a good job. The problem we have as new users of pp software is in knowing what we want to do to the photograph in question. The skill is in knowing what needs doing. Finding the tools to use in any software is the easier part.  The software suppliers and other third parties such as Scott Kelby provide many on-line video tutorials which are well worth watching. 

I found that my local library was helpful in that I could borrow books on the subject of processing photos even though they were usually old and applied to some version of Photoshop that I did not use. In spite of this they allowed me to understand what a photo needed. Just dont try to understand all the tools, it is the 'What needs doing' that is important.

I currently use On1 Photo Raw and ACDSee though I did use Lightroom in the past. Many on this forum use Capture One. I think we all benefit from a software product that has built in Photo Management which the above have.

If you know a fellow photographer then they may be your best source of help as there is nothing better than a guiding hand.

You can always post messages on this forum for help.

To help you select a piece of software  I recommend downloading a trial first, but be mindful of the full cost as some are much more expensive than others.

I would not recommend PS elements, I started with it and wished I had not as it is far more complex than you think and has a poor user interface in my opinion.  

I do not know if this has been helpful, I hope it has, Dave.

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I came to Fuji from Sony. I had used Lightroom for a good few years. However, I found LR a bit sluggish and lacklustre when it came to RAF files. After much research I have switched to Capture one. For a beginner, the free version will be fine, it only lacks layers. I have also discovered DXO PureRaw2 which does a remarkable job on preparing files.

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