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  1. From the album: Photos

    A mix of old and new: medieval church, traditional houses... and cable TV dishes...
  2. The FUJI GFX catalog lacks a "serious" telephoto lens. In fact, the choice stops at the GF250, which corresponds to a 200 on the full frame. I hope that at least a 400 or 500mm will be built and produced soon, perhaps not too bright otherwise it would be too heavy. For example a 400f5,6 or a 500f6,3 (naturally with the possibility of mounting the 1,4X): in this way, even the price would not be..."crazy"
  3. Dear friends I ask you all: in your opinion, which lenses are missing in the GFX catalogue? In my opinion, for example, a telephoto lens is missing, such as a 400mm f4 or a 500mm f 5.6 or f8. In fact, I find it strange that FUJI stops at the GFX250... What do you think about this?
  4. From the album: Photos

    The "cicchetti" are small traditional appetizers in the Veneto region, served on a slice of bread. The spritz needs no explanation...
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