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  1. Hi all A new X100V owner. Some reviews mentioned that a lens filter is required to make the camera weather resistant. What type of filter ? Just a normal UV filter? Also any recommendations of lens hood? Does the lens hood create shadow when using the inbuilt flash? Any other accessories I need to consider? Thanks
  2. Hi I like the idea of the X100V and about to purchase one. Anyone moved or using the Fuji alongside a bigger DSLR (in my case Canon 6D)? Anything I need to be aware of, get used to etc.? I've used a RolleiFlex 6x6 and 35mm cameras in the past so it's not as if I don't understand fix lenses, I just never had a rangefinder or fixed lens mirrorless. Cheers Mike
  3. Hi all, I just joined the forum to get some first hand experience and impressions from Fuji X owners. Like many others, My FF DLSR is gathering dust and I would like a more compact system to walk around with. Getting into the system would you recommend the X100V or something like the XT30 or XS10? The retro look is nice but not a decision factor for me. It's a tool not an artistic artifact. How is working with X Trans files? What to be mindful of? I am mostly interested in documentary style photography. Cheers Mike
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