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Filter and accessories for X100V

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Hi all 

A new X100V owner. Some reviews mentioned that a lens filter is required to make the camera weather resistant. What type of filter ? Just a normal UV filter?

Also any recommendations of lens hood? Does the lens hood create shadow when using the inbuilt flash?

Any other accessories I need to consider? 


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Hi, any type of filter will do as long as it is not composed of two parts (like a POL or a variable ND filter) where you could have a possible leak. You can use a UV-filter or a clear protection filter. You will however need the Fuji adapter ring to mount filters. Check out the accessories page on the Fujifilm website: Accessories / Software | Cameras | FUJIFILM Digital Camera X Series & GFX – USA (fujifilm-x.com).

With the original lens hood (or similar or smaller third party lens hoods you will have no shading of the build-in flash, unless you are very close to the subject (around min. focus distance). I personally love the lens hoods of Lens Hoods – Squarehood. These lens hoods have a very small profile so even at the shortest possible distances your flash will not be shaded nor will they block the OVF. Of course you'll have to ask yourself whether using the build-in flash at these short distances does any good to your photo... 😉

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