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  1. Thanks andrei89! Can you tell me how to set the camera for stopping down and depth of field?
  2. Quick Q: while using the Fujifilm X=T200 camera in video mode, on occasion we do record a subject with sun at their back and the subject is washed out in black. However, if you use an iPhone at the same angle (pointing towards the backlit subject / towards the sun), the image is fine. Is there a setting for video when the sun or other bright light source is behind the subject being recorded where they will not appear to be fully in shadow? Many thanks!
  3. I use this camera for vlogging, and very rarely take still photos. I'm having issues with nighttime video and auto focus. The camera hunts for focus excessively particularly during fireworks displays and other nighttime settings (amusement parks, cruise decks, etc.). I have it set to continuous auto-focus. Pretty much about to give up on this camera. What are the recommended settings for this camera for video at night? Or do I need to use manual focus (or is that even possible for video)? Thank you!
  4. Ugh, second time i've been bitten by the Fuji X-T200.. so we bought this camera as a vlogging camera (we have a YouTube vlogging channel for cruising and Disney mainly).. We just returned from our first cruise back since 2019, and sadly towards the end of the first day I set the high speed mode on to 24p, 120fps. This setting persists and it is not 'in your face' / obvious, even in the big display, that this is the mode it is in. This would be ok if it still recorded sound, but if you double-click the raw footage in explorer, there doesn't appear to be any sound at all. We recorded day 2-4 in this mode, so I fear all our sound is lost. Are there any pro tips for me so that I'm not bitten by this camera a 3rd time? (our first issue was connecting an external mic, then when I unplugged the mic, we had no sound for a day's worth of footage). So frustrated here. I know it is my fault, but unless there is a way to get sound, it appears I have nearly 64GB of slo-mo.. so bummed to have lost all our great commentary... :-( Please offer tips for me to not ruin our footage ever again on this camera. Ugh!!
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