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  1. Ugh, second time i've been bitten by the Fuji X-T200.. so we bought this camera as a vlogging camera (we have a YouTube vlogging channel for cruising and Disney mainly).. We just returned from our first cruise back since 2019, and sadly towards the end of the first day I set the high speed mode on to 24p, 120fps. This setting persists and it is not 'in your face' / obvious, even in the big display, that this is the mode it is in. This would be ok if it still recorded sound, but if you double-click the raw footage in explorer, there doesn't appear to be any sound at all. We recorded day 2-4 in this mode, so I fear all our sound is lost. Are there any pro tips for me so that I'm not bitten by this camera a 3rd time? (our first issue was connecting an external mic, then when I unplugged the mic, we had no sound for a day's worth of footage). So frustrated here. I know it is my fault, but unless there is a way to get sound, it appears I have nearly 64GB of slo-mo.. so bummed to have lost all our great commentary... :-( Please offer tips for me to not ruin our footage ever again on this camera. Ugh!!
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