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  1. I have written up (in German) the reasons for my decision: https://meinplog.blogspot.com/2020/11/fuji-x-t4-16-80-mm-f4-review.html
  2. Thanks. This helps a lot. I have a Sigma Contemporary 17-70 which is hard to beat by any other zoom lens, by the way.
  3. I have got to do experiments on that. It would also be nice to get the film simulations in Lightroom. They have their own, but the Fuji ones are great.
  4. If only I was that sure. The Fuji X-T4 and -S10 are fantastic cameras, and have an admirable IBIS. But you cannot get everything.
  5. I had another thread with questions like this (see below) where nobody answered. Currently, I tend to not switching to Fuji. The X-S10 is my favorite because of its travel size and the IBIS, plus the 16-80 which I tested on a X-T4 and found it on par with my Sigma C 17-70. However, there is the battery life which is only 300 shots compared to 900 shots on the D7500. I'd also have to rebuy a flash and some decent long lens. And I am not really a fan of the EVF.
  6. Is that exactly correct? The image settings are indeed used for the JPEG conversation, also for the embedded one. But as far as Lightroom goes they seem not to be used by the Lightroom presets. Or are they? And how? What can be used, for sure, is the lens correction stored in the meta data.
  7. Forget this. I decided to stay with Nikon and upgrade to D500 or use a D7500. I lose the wonderful IBIS and some Megapixel, I know, and the lightweight X-S10 which would have been ideal for travel. But the images that I compared are no better, and do not justify the difference in price and losing my other Nikon equipment. Furthermore, I cannot stand the electronic viewfinder. The world looks so different and the images look a lot different. Then there is the terrible placement of the strap holders which are in the way for the display swivel and even the card removal and the loading USB. I also
  8. I am shooting with Nikon (D5600 and D7500), not professionally, and currently considering switching to the Fuji X-T4 or X-S10. For travel, I mostly take the D5600 plus the excellent Sigma Contemporary 17-70. Currently, I have rented a Fuji X-T4 with a 16-80 which looks like a good replacement. A very good argument is the IBIS which is two stops better than the one in the Sigma. I also like the quiet shutter with its high speed. However, I have some questions and need a bit of a push. In the ads, Fuji is not addressing me. I almost never make videos and I shoot RAW. So the wonderful 4k vi
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