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  1. If I understand your reply correctly, white balance does not change the raw file. However the information is there for applications that want to make use of it. As I stated in my response to your earlier reply, I'm just going to use the auto white balance setting. Thanks
  2. Thanks. You have given me enough to change my approach. I'll try auto braketing with different exposures and increase the dynamic range. For post-processing, I use Affinity Photo. It's a non-subscription application at a good price. Thank you again.
  3. I Live on the California coast and I like to capture sunsets. My problem is that my X-T4 doesn't capture the colors. What I mean is the colors that I see on the clouds around sunset do match the colors captured on my camera. I don't get the vivid red and orange hues, I see with the naked eye. I'm experimenting with different white balance settings, but that will take a while. The ideal cloud conditions don't occure everyday.
  4. I read somewhere that the white balance settings only affect jpeg and they have no affect on the RAW files. Is that true for the X-T4?
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