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  1. Hi I'm Jens, I'm danish and living i Sweden. I work with IT management in one of the world's leading green energy suppliers; Orsted. I have been in and out of amateur photography since my early teens. My first camera was a Pentax MX film SLR with a nifty fifty which I got in High School where I also took a few photography classes and learned to develop my pictures. There have been many small and large cameras in between but as digital got serious I chose Canon and since 2010 I have been shooting with 7D's and a bunch of heavy L-glasses. In recent years I have become more of a hybrid shooter within street, travel and daddy-photography but to be honest the weight and size of my gear often makes me leave it at home. I have put ALL of my Canon gear up for sale. I am switching to Fujifilm and want to go smaller, lighter and more minimalistic with just a few primes in a package that works for both stills and video and that can go along with travels, hiking, street and night. It has been difficult to decide which camera to choose. The X-T30 was a strong candidate for it's size and weight but for the video capabilities I just ordered the X-T4 with an XF35/f2 . The IBIS alone will save me lots of extra equipment which is important on a 3 weeks hike and also, the grip of the X-T4 simply sits better in my hand. My shopping list probably includes the 16/f1.4 and 56/f1.2 and one or two more but I won't be buying anything more until the X-T4 has grown into me. I am very exited with my decision to move to Fujiland and also to somehow go back to where I started in photography. Cheers from Malmoe, Sweden Jens
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