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  1. Yeah... man this sucks. I think they might have another kit in the black color, which wasn't preferable for me. The store only gives store credit, so I'm kinda stuck. Had been wanting to support a local business. Holding out hope that they live up to their rep as far as customer service and crossing my fingers that the next kit from them has no issues.
  2. I'm just getting into photography, bought my first mirrorless today. Snagged an X-T20 kit with the 18-55mm from a local shop, and I was super stoked. The store is very reputable. I was using the camera for a few hours tonight and it was fine, but then randomly after changing it to High Performance mode, I was using the touch screen to focus, and the camera locked up with the green focus light blinking with the LCD still working. Even flipping the on-off didn't shut down the camera, and I had to remove the battery in order to turn it off. Now the camera does this every time I even try to focus, whether it be pressing the shutter release or touching the screen. Sometimes the screen completely locks as well and other times the screen + sensor is still active but locked. Nothing seems to resolve the issue: I have reformatted the SD card, reset all the settings I think I am able to, and nothing seems to change. I'm quite frustrated. I had updated all of the firmware (body + lens) before ever using the camera. Any ideas on what the issue may be??? I feel like my best bet is to just bring it back to the store, but this was their last kit, so I'm pretty bummed.
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