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  1. Sigh . . . So I wrongly assumed that when the manual stated “press Display Back” to skip, it meant to press it once and the option would go away. You have to press it a second time, after pressing it the first time opens the second screen of the pairing option. Back on track!
  2. Hoping someone can advise me on this problem! I just received my X T4 yesterday and charged up the battery overnight. I turned on the camera to start setting it up and was immediately greeted with a screen menu to start pairing with a smartphone. I don’t want to do that, and none of the selector buttons seem to work with the exception of the “down” button which only takes me to the next menu screen to set up pairing. Oh, and the OK button which starts the camera searching for a smartphone. Nothing I do seems to allow me to exit the smartphone pairing option. I’ve turned the camera off numerous times, even leaving it off for extended periods of time; I’ve taken the battery out and put it back in; tried a different battery; searched the web for advice/answers, and am still stuck. Together, my husband and I have five other Fuji cameras and have never encountered a problem like this. A few months ago, I set up our first T4 without any problems or issues. Has anyone else run into this problem? Any ideas to get past the pairing option? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi - I'm hoping someone here can help me. I've gone through the user manual and a few Google searches and haven't found an answer. I have a job requirement to show the date and time stamp ON the digital image. They don't want a print and they don't want to see the date/time in the EXIF data. They want to view the file on the monitor and see the date/time stamp on the image. Is there a setting on the XT-1 that will give me that? Thanks in advance!
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