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    PierreG25 reacted to milandro in Using a Samyang lens on a XE2S   
    Yes, you have to use the no lens option
    If you want to use the lens in aperture priority yes, othewise you can use it in other modes.
    No, there is no need to focus on M, that option is used only to manual focus an autofocus lens.
    The use of this lens is the same on all the X cameras with interchangeable lenses.
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    PierreG25 reacted to milandro in How to use a Kipon mount adaptor for 4/3 olympus lenses ?   
    You are aware that this adapter only allows you to use the lenses at their maximum aperture right?
    Once you’ve mounted the lens on the adapter mount the adapter on the camera. Enable shooting without lens and you are good to go.
    Manual focus.
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