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  1. Hi, I have just ordered a Samyang fisheye 8 mm lens. However I am not sure,when I receive it, to know how to use it. Shoud I use the " no lens" option ? Selecting the aperture on the lens, should I position shutter speed on "A" I think the focusing mode has to be positionned on "M". fI someone is using a Samyang lense on a XE2S, could he or she help me ? Thanks for help.
  2. I have just received a kipon mount adaptor to mount 4/3 olympus lenses on my XE2S. The mount is OK but I don't know how to use it and how to position the right parameters on the camera. Has anyone the experience and could help me ? Thanks for help.
  3. Hi, Beeing often a street photograph I then want that my camera keeps silence. On the X70, I have not found a quicker way that going in the menu and select "sound configuration" then changing camera sound and shooting modes to "not". I am looking for a direct way to switch to "silent mode" as I had in my X20. Does anyone know if such a way exist on the X70 or a way to change parameters in order to come to the same result ? Thanks for help
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