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  1. Sony have released full specs for their lens mount (including information on getting AF to work). This means that companies have the information they need to make AF work with Sony. Fuji have not done this. To me it seems like only Fujifilm themselves and maybe Zeiss have the information needed to make AF lenses for Fujifilm. In theory I guess someone could reverse-engineer the data protocol for autofocus and make them that way. As far as I know this is what Sigma does with their Canon DSLR-lenses. This is also why their lenses sometimes have problems on certain Canon cameras or firmwares.
  2. Thanks everybody for replying! I really appreciate it. Didn’t you miss the aperture ring? Using the rear dial on my X-M1 to change aperture seems fiddly to me. It probably won’t be my only lens forever, but given my budget going ahead I think it would be my only lens for a couple of years, maybe longer. My previous camera was a full frame DSLR, the Sony a850 which I paired with their nifty 50mm and their 20mm. In either case the lenses was so small that it was definitely not front heavy, and allowed me confidently hold the camera with one hand without fear of the lens being too heavy on the mount. Yes, most of the time when I take pictures I do tend to cradle the lens for stability, but it’s nice to be able to use the camera one handed for those times when your other hand is used for something else.
  3. (I was not sure if I should post this in the X-M1 / X-A1 / X-A2 category or in the lens category. I apologise if I got this wrong.) I’m on a bit of a budget, but I decided to get into the Fujifilm system. I found a used X-M1 in great condition that I got for a good price, thinking that I could get something more fancy later when my budget will allow it. In the mean time, I want at least once good all-around prime. I got my eye on the Fujifilm XF23mm f2. It’s plenty fast for me and the image quality seem great. However, I am bit unsure whether it will balance well on my diminutive X-M1. Now, the obvious alternative is the XF27mm, but it does not have a aperture ring, which I find to be a pretty big bummer, as that is one of the things that really exite me about the Fuji X system. So, I my question is, how does the XF 23mm f2 balance on X-M1 in use? I don’t care about pockability. I have also ordered a thumb grip for it, if that makes a difference. How comfortable is it? Can you hold it with one hand without fear of the lens’ weight damaging the camera? And out of curiosity: how does Fuji’s primes in general balance on the X-M1 / X-A1 / X-A2 cameras?
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