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  1. I've skipped some updates on a couple of my cameras. Do I need to do each update in order or just the most recent? In other words are these updates just incremental or full replacements with corrected code? Thanks!
  2. I'm getting the same thing on a 50s & gf23. Did you ever get this resolved?
  3. Anybody have any experience with cataract surgery and viewfinders? I use a XT-1 and most often use the viewfinder. I have developed cataracts and am scheduled for surgery the end of April. The lens in each eye will be replaced and will correct the vision in that eye. I have a few options to choose from relative to my eyes' lens replacements. I need some help choosing. I really don't want to have to give up using the amzing Fuji viewfinder if possible. The options are: Both eyes can be corrected for far vision and I would need glasses for reading. Both eyes can be corrected for near vision (reading) and I would need glasses for distance. When I wore contacts I would use only one in one eye for distance and could use my other nearsighted eye for reading. I could do the same with the surgery's corrections, one for near and the other for far. I can't believe I am in a unique position. Somebody has gone through this before so I am starting my search here. Thanks, Jim
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