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  1. There are more reasons for an X-Pro2 for me (x-sync speed, and HVF, WR…) but my budget says it's not made of rubber ;-) It's good to hear you're satisfied with X-E2 – that's tha one for me this turn around too :-)
  2. That would be nice, but since I'm based in Poland, the shipping rate + customs are a deal-breaker
  3. If X-100T came with that 56mm lens I wouldn't hesitate I like it a lot (oh, leaf shutter…) and maybe someday I will get to a point of working with it solely (like Zack Arias wrote – a minimalist dream), but for now I economically depend on making regular people look their best and so short tele is the weapon of choice. I don't have the luxury of working with only beautiful models and people so much self esteem, they don't care if they look „nice”. But I will get an X-100-whaterver-the-letter-then-it-wil-have someday. Maybe instead of 23mm lens… Oh, I already like the whole voyage.
  4. I couldn't care for speed less if I only shot landscapes or architecture, but since i primarily shoot portraits… being able to see when my subject blinks for example or has their best phase of smile, a grimace etc. is crucial. So a lagging EVF is not my dream. And this is the main reason I'll go with X-E2 for now. And precise framing. And since I would use EVF on X-Pro1 to get that with a longer lens… the answer is now clear.
  5. OK, thanks Jackalized and Nick05, it seems my problem hav been solved. I think I read everything there was to read about both cameras and all of you guys confirm. X-E2 it will be. The HVF is tempting but as you wrote – I would need at least X-100T's solution, so I will wait for X-Pro2 to fill this place. I would get X-100T, but I really need the 56 mm for my work. So X-E2 comes first. Thanks a bunch!
  6. Somehow the Polish Fujifilm branch is stagnant when it comes to promos, bundles and to be honest even their own website – right now all the information about X-Pro2 there is in English only! We don't get so many price drops an kit bundles here either. But since I'm not really interested in the lenses that were bundled with X-Pro1 that offer is not so hot for me. If in some future I need a wide lens I would like to go wider than 18mm, and would rather get the 23mm than 27mm. So I guess X-E2 it will be + the 56mm
  7. Thanks guys! I'm used to shooting with a 50mm f/1.4 nikkor and find it very flexible, so naturally I hope to get similar results form 56mm Fuji lens. The results I saw are nothing short of spectacular. I also plan on getting the 23 and probably 35mm later on. No by biggest worry is the size of the camera body and balance with said lenses. On one hand I'm tired of my DSLR's weight and bulk, on the other my big hands can swallow D7000 so it looks much smaller. But the weight stays the same. That's why (as so many before me) I'm looking forward to switching to Fuji. How comfortable do you find shooting with the 56mm on E-X2 for example? Waxing is not a big issue since my portrait work is mostly kept to low ISO. The occasional wedding is a different matter, though… I can keep the Nikon for a while until I get the X-Pro2, I guess So… I'm leaning towards X-E2 for now, getting 56 and 23mm lenses and then buying the X-Pro2 body. Again, thanks for chiming in. I just can't wait for the switch. But the gear is hard to get hands on where I live (Lodz, Poland), so I'll have to rely on internet buys. If a store has X-Pro1, they won't have X-E2 or vice versa – first world problems, I know
  8. Hi All, My name is Marcin, and I am new here, so please forgive me if I started the topic in a wrong place. The thing is both cameras are now equally priced (more or less) and I'm thinking about transitioning from my Nikon D7000 to X System at looong last. I like the X-Pro1 style with the OVF and it's bigger size (I have large hands) but the camera is getting long in the tooth, and X-E2 just got the 4.0 firmware update, but I'm slightly worried about EVF since I'm used to shoot with a DSLR… so which camera to choose? I shoot mostly corporate/business portraits with off camera flash both on location and in studio. I know I will eventually buy X-Pro2, but this has to wait for now. I also know I will be buying 56 mm f/1.2 lens and working mostly with it (and I know the OVF on X-Pro1 won't be very useful with this lens). So many questions… Also, I wear glasses (though I can imagine myself switching to contact lenses). Thanks in advance, Marcin.
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