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  1. Hi Binary, Sorry for the late reply. I had to send the camera in to Fujifilm for repair twice. The first time they could not replicate the problem so they cleaned the camera and sent it back. It worked for a few minutes and the issue occurred again so I took video of it and called support who asked me to also send them the video along with the camera. I believe it was the top plate they replaced, but don't recall. The camera has since worked fine.
  2. I've had a few issues with the third party batteries in my X-T2/X-Pro2. I ended up buying new S batteries for spares and they work great. I have a few of the original, but have just use them for the X-Pro2 mostly. The few ocassions where I used them in the X-T2, I've not noticed any issues. It sort of seemed like it may have died quicker, but I haven't used them enough to know for sure.
  3. That is what I use and I have not noticed a color shift problem. To be completely honest, I have not used them with my X-T2 as of yet; only my X-Pro2 and previous X-T1.
  4. Nick05

    Fuji IR

    I went to Paynes Prairie in Gainsville, FL today and took a few more. Florida's Buffalo herd in Infrared by Brian Nicklaus, on Flickr Gainsville, FL looking otherworldly by Brian Nicklaus, on Flickr
  5. Nick05

    Fuji IR

    Thanks Neil! I followed you. Feel free to follow me if you like. I'm planning on taking infrared photos more frequently now. Previously I had an infrared converted Lumix m4/3 camera. While I was happy with the camera, I hated having to carry two of everything. I also only had two lenses for the lumix. Having the converted X-E2 is so much easier.
  6. Nick05

    Fuji IR

    I finally had a chance to send my X-E2 off to Life Pixel and just received it back yesterday. I went out and took a couple test shots today.
  7. "Still happens"? If this has been a problem previously for you as well, it may be caused by something other than firmware. Are you using the "S" batteries? Are you using fast, quality memory cards? I've read these two things causing problems for other X-T2 users. My X-T2 will burn through a Wasabi battery in about 15-30 minutes of shooting but that battery still works fine in older cameras so it seems the X-T2 has a few requirements that the other cameras did not.
  8. We don't know how long it will take to release the X-T3. Manufacturers are waiting longer on the top end models to introduce their replacements. The X-T2 is also still backordered at many places. I tend to shoot mostly wildlife and landscape too and the improvements in the X-T2 over the X-T1 for that type of photography are, in my opinion, rather significant. It is all the small advances that make the camera easier and more enjoyable to use. Being able to tilt the LCD screen vertically as well, the joystick for moving focus points, the extra focus points, being able to select a much smaller focus point, and the AF speed for acquisition and tracking is greatly improved. IQ wise, the color processor is better. The click on/off locking buttons on the dials are also a nice improvement on usability. Of course these things don't matter to everyone, but for me they were improvements that make the X-T2 an amazing camera.
  9. I have the booster grip, left it on 8FPS, and turned on boost mode. The blackout freeze time is no different than the mirror movement on a DSLR that I am noticing. I may be more used to it now, but I'm guessing you may be trying to shoot faster than the 8FPS which is probably the cause.
  10. I have heard good things about the cheaper XC lenses, but I would also recommend the XF18-55mm. It is surprisingly good as a kit lens and has a larger aperture than the XC16-50mm. The image quality of the XC16-50mm may be fine, but you will really appreciate the XF18-55mm for shooting in lower light, moving subjects, and more subject isolation with the shallower depth of field. The build quality of the XF18-55mm is also better. When it comes to the telephoto zooms, the XF55-200mm becomes similarly priced to the XC50-230mm during the lens sales Fuji does in the United States (not sure about in Germany). I hope you are enjoying your time here in the US. I hope to get to Germany to visit someday. You have some amazing architecture and so much to see.
  11. I completely understand that. I own it, and like it, but don't love it. I really don't understand why they didn't put a marked aperture ring on it. I'm planning on getting the 16mm for similar reasons you mentioned.
  12. When I was shooting Canon, I really liked the 24mm focal range. It is what I shot most landscapes at so I am planning on buying the 16mm F/1.4 on the next lens sale. Regarding the 23mm F/2, it is a great lens and appears to be optically corrected. The people you hear complaining about it and mostly complaining because they like to complain. It can be a little soft at F/2 when focusing at the minimum focusing distance which is quite close. Since you seem to be undecided on the focal length, would you consider the 10-24mm F/4? Yes, it is a little bigger than the F/2 prime line, however it is not huge, doesn't weigh a lot, and covers the entire wide range. Instead of carrying a couple small lenses, you would only need to carry one lens so that could be the trade off on the size/weight.
  13. I go back and forth between the X-T2 and X-Pro2. There is a difference in the EVF size, but I find the X-Pro2 perfectly usable. The X-T1 & X-T2 do spoil you, but I don't think you will notice much difference after a short while. I upgraded from the X-T1 to the X-Pro2 and didn't miss the EVF. The only other things you may consider is the ISO dial and the physical size.
  14. I have the 90mm and 2 of the 11mm and 1 of the 16mm extension tubes. The 90mm works really well with them. The only issue with using extension tubes over macro lenses is that you lose focus range. If you're staying at a set distance this won't matter, but if youre walking through nature taking photos at various distances, it can get a little tiring removing and/or adding the tubes. I also hear the 55-200mm works really well with the extension tubes, but I have not tried it yet.
  15. I really like the 100-400mm. I use it a lot for wildlife and birds. I have not yet tried it for sports, but I've been very happy with it tracking birds in flight. I've just been using the standard tracking as I haven't had any issues with it tracking. I played with the other modes briefly, but the standard one is hitting at 90% or more keeper rate. It is overall pretty sharp, though it is not as sharp as some of the other Fujifilm lenses. I would say it is as good as or better than other comparable lenses from other brands. I have the Nikon 200-500mm and it is significantly heavier, slower AF, and not quite as sharp. My only complaint, and minor complaint, is I think the OIS isn't quite as good as it could be. Maybe it is me or just perception, but I feel like I can handhold the 200-500mm at a lower shutter speed than the 100-400. One other note, as to be expected, adding the teleconverter to it does slow down the AF some.
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