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    KeithM reacted to Sebastian_Warneke in 10 Days Iceland   
    Hello everybody!
    I would like to show you some of my first landscape photos with the X-T2 from my trip to Iceland some weeks ago.
    Before I changed to a mirrorless system camera I had a Canon EOS 6D before. I have to say going back to APS-C was a hard decision for me, I've never had any problems with the image quality of the 6D even Canon build not the best sensors at the moment, but as a travel camera and in some other situations I wasn't that happy anymore with it. I used parallel to it an X100T which I loved, but I needed a system with interchangable lenses. I had so much fun with the little Fuji and read so many positive reviews about the newer X-Trans III sensor that I decided to sell the Canon and all my lenses to buy an X-T2.
    With my, at the moment, four primes and the great body I had never so much fun before while photographing.
    Iceland was a great test for the system and I'm looking forward to the next holidays with it.
    But now enough words and time for some photos of the trip (most with my girlfriend on it) - hope you like it!

    Skaftafellsjökull #1 / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke

    Búðakirkja / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke

    Diamond Beach / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke

    Selfoss / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke

    Thakgil / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke

    Thakgil #2 / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke

    Brunnhorn / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke

    Stokksnes / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke
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    KeithM reacted to Jose Carpin in ARTICLE: World's end: Spain's wild north edge with Fujifilm XT-2   
    Hi folks, 
    Before starting the trip driving my car up north in Spain, I obviously had to think about what gear I should take with me. My goal was clear: I wanted to shoot original landscapes in the north coast of Spain, specifically in the province of Asturias.   Nowadays I am a Fujifilm photographer, which means two things: firstly, I am highly proud of owning a Fujifilm gear, which is outstanding in terms of quality and shooting experience, and furthermore because I’m in love with the quality and design of my FUJIFILM XT-2 and my lenses too.   I knew I would mostly shoot landscapes, so before going up north to Asturias, I took a good decision: I sold my small and sweet pancake Samyang 12mm f/2 and then, I bought the legendary FUJI XF10-24MM F/4, and yes, it was a great. The XF10-24mm is more convenient for landscape photography; the focal range helps to reach far scenes where it’s impossible to get with a prime 12mm lens; for example shooting rocks in the water during a high tide.   Continue reading this article here: World's end: Spain's wild north edge. Shooting with Fuji XT-2 and XF10-24mm   Come check out my website too: www.josecarpin.com   Let me show you some pictures that you will find reading this article:              
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    KeithM reacted to Rblnr in Galapagos/XT-2   
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    KeithM reacted to darkshine231 in Sunset on the Matterhorn from Gornergrat   
    Thursday I went to the Gornergrat observatory over Zermatt, to shoot the sunset on the Matterhorn.
    I took my X-T2 and decided to use the 16 1.4 R WR for the composition.
    This combo perfectly last the weather condition test, with a temperature between - 26 and - 30 ° celcius ... 

    Greetings to all.
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