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  1. Hey guys, I had luck and got a 16-80mm just right before my holiday in Iceland. Now I'm back and would like to share some photos I took with it: Svartifoss / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke, auf Flickr Green / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke, auf Flickr Fjaðrárgljúfur / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke, auf Flickr Brunnhorn / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke, auf Flickr Skaftafell / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke, auf Flickr Dettifoss / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke, auf Flickr Ice / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke, auf Flickr Mountain light / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke, auf Flickr Stuðlafoss / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke, auf Flickr Vestrahorn / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke, auf Flickr and one with the 14mm prime lens: Búðir / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke, auf Flickr Best regards, Sebastian
  2. Wow, nice - we saw so many cyclists on our tours with our Fiat 500 (...) - must be such a challenge! What was your favorite place?
  3. Hey guys! I wanted to shoot Lago di Sorapis (a lake in the Dolomites in the near of the town of Cortina) at sunrise, but unfortunately there were no clouds above the lake. So I turned around and shot in the other direction - was also a nice view I think Fuji X-T2 | 23mm | f/8 | 0,3s | ISO200
  4. Hi Foto.scot, I had my (now sold) X100T together with the wide angle adapter lens three weeks in Vietnam as my only camera. It was a very nice setup - not heavy and very compact. I can recommend the adapter, there is also one 35mm adapter, so that you get a little longer focal length. The first two are shot with the wide angle adapter (19mm), the third one without: Halong Bay / Vietnam by Sebastian Warneke Hang En / Vietnam by Sebastian Warneke Halong Bay / Vietnam by Sebastian Warneke
  5. Thank you Kentman! Nice to hear that - what time do you plan to visit Iceland? Thank you BobJ!
  6. A small update Reynisfjara / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke Lost / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke Mýrdalsjökull / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke
  7. Hey guys, while I'm searching for shift lenses/adapters for the Fuji system I found this "special" adapter: http://www.lumiere-shop.de/epages/c6c683e2-beef-45fa-a0ed-93113dade05c.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/c6c683e2-beef-45fa-a0ed-93113dade05c/Products/B1010920 Does anyone know this? There are three different adapters which work with it, the shown for the Pentax 645, a Mamiya 645 adapter and a Hasselblad V adapter. The price on this website is very high - you can get it on Amazon or eBay for around 260€. I'm really interested to try this, but I'm not sure which medium format adapter I should choose - I can remember I read really good things about the Pentax wide angle lenses, but I really can't remember if it was about the 645 system. Maybe some one of you have experiences with one of the systems or with this kind of adapter
  8. Great dynamic range Patrick - is it a single image? Btw also a beautiful landscape - where is it?
  9. That's great to hear! Where are you now? I have to say I love the 90mm - I bought it just a week before my trip started and I think most of my photos were shot with this lens. I hope I can show you some more processed in the next days but I don't have that much time at the moment...
  10. Hello everybody! I would like to show you some of my first landscape photos with the X-T2 from my trip to Iceland some weeks ago. Before I changed to a mirrorless system camera I had a Canon EOS 6D before. I have to say going back to APS-C was a hard decision for me, I've never had any problems with the image quality of the 6D even Canon build not the best sensors at the moment, but as a travel camera and in some other situations I wasn't that happy anymore with it. I used parallel to it an X100T which I loved, but I needed a system with interchangable lenses. I had so much fun with the little Fuji and read so many positive reviews about the newer X-Trans III sensor that I decided to sell the Canon and all my lenses to buy an X-T2. With my, at the moment, four primes and the great body I had never so much fun before while photographing. Iceland was a great test for the system and I'm looking forward to the next holidays with it. But now enough words and time for some photos of the trip (most with my girlfriend on it) - hope you like it! Skaftafellsjökull #1 / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke Búðakirkja / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke Diamond Beach / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke Selfoss / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke Thakgil / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke Thakgil #2 / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke Brunnhorn / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke Stokksnes / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke
  11. Great photos - I really like the colors and composition! Hope you have some more for us!
  12. Hey guys - sorry for not responding for a long time! I read many reviews about the lenses you showed me and also had some saved at my eBay account as a buying option. But after getting more and more used to my X-T2 and my autofocus lenses I made the decision to sell my much loved X100T and buy a used XF 90mm lens from the money. And what should I say - it was one of the best decisions I've ever made when it comes to camera gear. So thank you for all your (budget) recommendations for manual lenses - I hope it will help other photographers when they're looking for a great tele prime lens. Because of the focal length for landscape - I think I had most of the time the 90mm attached to the X-T2 when I was in Iceland the last 10 days: Skaftafellsjökull #2 / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke Skaftafellsjökull #1 / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke Thakgil #2 / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke Hvitserkur / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke (stitched pano) Hope you like it
  13. Hey guys, sorry for the late reply - great to see that you have so many recommendations for me! I've already thought about that lens! I'm still got an old Nikkor 55mm f/1.2 which I used at my 6D before I got the X-T2 and was very pleased with the image and build quality. I know this one - a friend of my has it for his Canon FF, but the design was different (golden ring and plate) - do you know if this is the same lens or is it an APS-C model? I really really like the quality of the Samyang lenses, I have the 12mm and had the 14mm for FF before - but if it's for FF how is the size combined with a Fuji mirrorless? Thank you, nice to hear that! Hi quincy, thanks for the long text! A native X-mount lens would be great but I can also live with a good adapter combination. I bought an adapter for my old Minolta 50mm f/1.4 but have some light leaks at smaller apertures... Maybe I can fix it with some tape. Can you recommend a brand for these adapters? The 100mm Samyang sounds interesting - I will have a closer look at that. And also at the other brands I didn't know! Great to know! What kind of adapter do you use? As I've already told quincy I have also a 50mm f/1.4 and I have some really bad problems with smaller apertures, especially at bright daylight...
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