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  1. Hi all just took delivery of an X100v today in the UK, so thought it a very good idea to join this forum. First impressions it that it’s a really lovely and very capable camera, that really lives up to it’s reputation - in particular considering it’s small and discreet size. I’m mostly interested in stripped back shooting with the OVF and not the back lcd, so I found the settings to turn off the lcd and use viewfinder only. However, when I do that the Shooting Menu/Ok button only works through the viewfinder as well. Is there a way to disable the lcd for shooting but still use it to access all the camera menu functions or the Q settings ? I’m coming from Nikon dslr where that works as I’d prefer so maybe it’s just a case of transition etc and may not end up bring a huge issue as I’m unlikely to need to dig deep into menus once I’ve tuned all the settings. Many Thanks
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