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  1. Having been a photography enthusiast for over 50 years I have recently become acutely aware of: 1. How much DSLR kit I have amassed 2. How few photographs I've taken recently. So I've decided to get back to basics, and I've bought an X100V with a WCL-X100II. (And yes I was amazed to actually find one in stock!) So that is going to replace a 5DMkIII and 8 lenses, mostly F2.8 so there's some honking big lumps of glass I won't be carrying around any more. The Fuji in the hand is worth 8 in the bag? Loving the X100V controls. The control logic is exactly the same as an Olympus rangefinder camera I used in my student days. I would change only 2 things with the X100V - more eye relief on the viewfinder so I can see the full frame with my glasses on - and a 28mm fixed lens - but the WCL takes care of that! Speaking of the WCL - I have the mk II version so the camera is supposed to detect when an extender is fitted. Is there any way to tell that the camera has spotted the extender? Cheers, Bob Menzies (Not the Aussie ex PM)
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